How to Style Jeans

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this fashion tutorial, I am going to give you a jeans-guide to help you dress better.

I know how hard it is sometimes to get dressed in the morning and not know how to put an outfit together.

That is why I am going to show you how to style jeans in different fits, from slouchy jeans to wide leg and straight leg jeans, and even how to style skinny jeans without looking dated!

How to style slouchy jeans

1. Style slouchy jeans

When you are wearing slouchy jeans, the tip for styling them is to think about proportion.

If you pair slouchy jeans with chunky tops and shoes, the overall effect will be too heavy.

Instead, think of the “sandwich rule” where the slouchy jeans are sandwiched between two slimmer, daintier pieces like the shirt and shoes in the image on the right.

How to style slouchy jeans

2. Style straight-leg jeans

With straight-leg jeans, choosing a softer shoe, like these trainers, that shows your ankles. This will soften the style and balance out the straight leg of your jeans.

How to style straight-leg jeans

You could also pair some delicate heels with straight-leg jeans to elongate your look.

Whichever shoes you choose, pick a top that’s a bit full, so you can balance the volume of your top with the straight-leg jeans.

How to style skinny jeans

3. Style skinny jeans

Skinny jeans won’t look outdated if you balance them proportionally, like you did with the slouchy jeans, but in reverse.

Instead of a fitted top, choose a more chunky, full top to balance the skinny jeans.

You can also enhance the proportions by wearing your skinny jeans with riding boots or chunky sandals.

4. Style wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans happen to be my favorite because they are super easy to dress up or dress down, and they are always comfortable.

Choose simple trainers to dress down your wide-leg jeans, or simple pointed-toe shoes to dress them up.

Choose something dainty for your top, and tuck in at least half of your shirt, and ideally all of your shirt. That cuts your body visually and gives the illusion of your waist above the wide-leg jeans.

My last tip for wide-leg jeans is to wear structured outerwear to balance the volume of the jeans. 

How to style jeans

How to style jeans

There you have it: a few outfit ideas for your various-styled jeans. I’d love to hear what your favorite jeans are – slouchy, straight-leg, skinny or wide-leg – and how you like to style your jeans.

So, try some of these jeans hacks out, and leave me a comment!

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