How to Style Pink Turtleneck Jeans and Combat Boots

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Today I am happy to show you how to style a pink turtleneck, jeans and white combat boots. I have recently jumped on the white combat boots train! I know what you are thinking…you are in your 60’s and you are wearing a pair of combat boots? Yes! Yes I am! How do you style white combat boots? The key to pulling off this look is to balance the feminine and masculine elements and to accessorize wisely. These boots also happen to be perfect for this winter season too!

The great thing about both the pink turtleneck and the white combat boots is that they are available on my daughters Poshmark site! Here is a link to the combat boots and here is a link to the pink turtleneck sweater. The turtleneck originally sells for $89 but she is offering if for $22. It is new with tags. The boots are all brand new never worn and are available in multiple sizes. They are the perfect pair for me because they have a feminine look to the with a rounded toe. I will be sharing different outfits in the coming weeks wearing these boots.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots
How to begin styling the pink turtleneck

I really love this pink turtleneck and I actually may end up buying it myself haha. It has a luxurious feel to it and I love the fact that the shoulder seams hit my shoulders instead of a drop sleeve. The drop sleeve just makes my broad shoulders look even bigger. It fits perfectly and is a size large.

To create a layered look I started with an oversized white blouse. (ignore the wrinkles…I was trying on lots of sweaters) Seriously I don’t know how fashion bloggers make their clothes look perfect every time. I am showing reality here at Karins Kottage or should I say Karins Kloset haha. The white blouse mixed with the turtle neck is such a great combo. You may remember some of my other white blouse outfit ideas here and here. A white blouse is an absolute must for anyone’s wardrobe. Don’t you agree? Mine is from banana republic.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots- Karins Kottage

Just pop the white collar up so it sticks out of the top of the turtleneck to add a little interest at the neckline. Then I usually pull the sweater sleeves up a bit to show the cuff of the blouse. Leaving some of white blouse showing underneath is a fun casual look. Doing these little things is the easiest way to break up the solid color and adds interest and texture to the outfit.

You will notice in the photo below I do not have the white blouse peeking out underneath and it is not a great look. I am short waisted so the sweater is just a bit too long. To break it up I tucked the bottom of the sweater up a bit to show the blouse tails.

Ripped jeans with the pink turtleneck and combat boots

Start by choosing a pair of high-waisted jeans that fit well and are comfortable to wear. These jeans are typically made from a stretchy denim material, so they will mold to your body and provide a flattering fit.

Get a more casual look with jeans that have a little ripping at the knee. This type of jeans that are ankle length work well with these lace-up combat boots.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots

My daughter has a pair of ripped knee jeans on her Poshmark site here. The soft feminine pink turtleneck against the ripped jeans counter acts each other in a nice way. Kind of a ying yang thing going on.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots.

My jeans are Nicole Miller New York high rise ankle skinny jeans. I bought them from Tjmaxx last year. I found some similar ones that you can see at the bottom of post in SHOP SIMILAR FASHION. A pair of black jeans or a pair of dark jeans would be a good look as well. You could pair the jeans with an oversized sweater and a slip skirt. Not completely sure if I could pull off that kind of look but I have seen older women wearing it. I guess you just never know until you try something new and different.

White combat boots with jeans and turtleneck

At first I didn’t know if I would like combat boots especially white boots. I mean really who would’ve thought back in the day that white combat boots would become a fashion staple. Let alone for a woman in her 60’s haha! Never in a million years would I have thought I would be wearing a pair of military boots BUT guess what I LOVE THEM! The fashion world has convinced me that these winter boots can be part of cute outfits! There are so many different styles but I like the classic combat boots the best that lace-up.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots

They are really great this winter because it has been so cold and snowy! Plus they are great for plain old rainy days too. It has been very rare this winter that I have been able to wear flats or even my sneakers because it has just been too cold. These white combat boots are really quite cute on and keep my feet nice and warm. These boots take my pink turtleneck and Jeans to a new bold look.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots

They make me feel stylish, young and maybe even a little bit spicy haha. At 62 that is an awesome feeling! I recently came across this darling lady who is going through cancer but has an Instagram account where she shares her fun bright colored fashion. Her name on Instagram is Cancer Fashionista. You should follow her as she is very inspirational and her fashion is fabulous!

Pink turtleneck blue jeans and combat boots with a black coat

To finish off my fun cute outfit I decided to wear my long black coat. I bought the coat while traveling in Italy because I was freezing back in November. This is a must-have classic pieces for any winter wardrobe, as it will keep you warm and also add a touch of sophistication to the outfit. Pink turtle neck and jeans are a fun and unique addition to any wardrobe. When paired with white combat boots, they create a bold and edgy look.

A black coat also pairs well with the pink and white colors, as well as the white combat boots. It not only looks fab but it keeps me toasty warm here at home in Utah.

A pink turtle neck and jeans are a fun and unique addition to any wardrobe. When paired with white combat boots, they create a bold and edgy lookI asked my daughter if she had one on her Poshmark site but she did not. She does have this adorable classic tan plaid trench coat for only $49! Brand new with tags! It is a women’s size 2 but she says it is very roomy.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots with long black coat

There are different ways to style this look in cold weather. In place of the long black coat you could try a leather moto jacket or an oversized denim jacket mixed with a graphic t-shirt. I am going to try wearing my white combat boots with a pair of wide leg jeans to see what that looks like. It may be too much of the 60’s look for me but who knows may I will be surprised and love it. Not sure about trying the boots with long dresses but they could look cute with midi dresses and some black leggings.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots.
Pop on a pink coat

After I had taken all the pictures for this post I looked over and saw my favorite pink coat. I decided to slip it on over the pink turtleneck and BAM! Another fun look just by adding a different colored coat.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots with pink coat- Karins Kottage

Yeah….you can just call me fashion girl from now on 😉 haha

I would encourage you to look through your closets and start with one clothing item. Maybe it’s a green or blue turtleneck or a red or brown coat or a fun pair of boots, whatever it is work from there adding different items you already own to create a new fun outfit for yourself. If you need something fresh and new pop over to my daughters Poshmark shop and see if there is something you could use. There are some serious deals there at a smidgeon of the original price. Madeline not only has adult clothes for men and women but also for children. Make sure to go check it out.

Accessories for my new look

The best way and easy way to accessorize is with a scarf. A fun black and white plaid scarf with pom poms was just what I needed to complete my fun look. A pink turtle neck and blue jeans mixed with a bold black and white plaid scarf is a fun and unique addition to any wardrobe. When paired with white combat boots, they create a bold and edgy fashionable look without a lot of effort.


My other accessories are very simple. Silver hoop earrings are my personal choice. Cross-body bags are always fashionable and are one my favorite ways to wear a purse so my hands are free.

One important thing is that fashion should make you feel awesome, give you confidence and something to have fun with. I hope my fashion tips on how to style a pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots inspires you try something new.

How to style pink turtleneck jeans and white combat boots.

Enjoy your day and I’ll be back with more fashion outfit ideas.

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