Paperbag Mom Jeans: Casual, Work Wear and Date Night

Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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Have trends scared you away because you think to yourself "when or how will I ever wear it?" .. I am hear to tell you, do NOT be afraid. I am always willing to try something new and figure out how to make it my own. Again, one thing I LOVE to do, is make sure the item I purchase can be used multiple ways.

Take the Paperbag Mom Jean trend. High waisted jeans, with a big belt and a paper bag shape at the top ... many would run from this look but I decided - let's do it! I purchased these pants from Walmart recently and I am very impressed with the quality especially for the price. My only wish is that they were more of a skinny leg pant rather than a straight leg but for $17, can't complain! Here I am going to style them 3 ways for you: Casual, Work Wear and Date Night.

For the first look (casual), that is all it takes ... something casual. This look consists of a basic graphic tee with sneakers but a simple plain tee would work as well. To "fancy" up the casual look, I swapped out the sneakers for slides and added a button down. Again, casual but just takes the look to a different level.

Next up is Work Wear. Here I paid the paperbag mom jeans with a simple sweater tank and blazer (classic work wear attire) but did two different style shoes; slides and heels. Both looks work but just add a different element depending on how you are feeling that day! You can add a blouse underneath the blazer or even a t-shirt, honestly the options are endless.

Lastly, Date Night. Here I paired the paper bag mom jeans two different ways. The first option is a bodysuit and a pair of heels, I mean does it get any better? Sexy yet simple AND comfortable .. yes, yes AND yes! Next, I did a more conservative but still dressy option with a classic white sweater and booties. This is perfect for the fall weather we are having, add a coat and you look sophisticated without even trying!

Please don't be afraid of trends! Try them and make them your own because EVERYONE is beautiful and EVERYONE can wear whatever they want. I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial! If you have any questions on the items I have shared or if you want help styling a piece from your closet, please comment below! If you are liking my posts but want to see more outfit inspiration, please follow me on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset.



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