What Shoes to Wear With Jeans

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by Lea Style

In this fashion guide, I’m going to be showing you what types of shoes look the best with four different styles of jeans: straight-leg jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and skinny jeans. Because each of these jeans has a different fit, it is really important to choose a pair of shoes that will complement the jeans as well as your figure.

Jeans and white shoes

Shoes for blazer and jeans

Straight leg jeans

Because straight-leg jeans have a 1970s, 1980s, bohemian, hippy vibe, I think these jeans look very good with chunky heels and square-toed heels because they create that same vibe. The straight leg of these jeans elongates your silhouette and you can pair them with flats, mules or loafers and you’ll still look tall and slim. Chunky trainers also look really good, and they are very on-trend right now.

Jeans and black shoes

Mom jeans

The difference between mom jeans and straight leg jeans is in the waist - mom jeans are slightly higher-waisted. They’re also a little bit shorter in the leg than straight-leg jeans. Because these jeans are shorter in the leg, you can pair them with pointed-toe heels or stilettos to elongate your figure. I think that mom jeans are super easy to style, and they are very flattering with any type of shoes. 

Jeans and dress shoes

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are kind of like a style that you borrow from your boyfriend. Usually, they are loosely fitted, have a lower waist and a bigger crotch area. Turning these jeans up at the bottom will give some structure to the looser fit of the leg. I wouldn’t wear these jeans with big chunky shoes because they already give you volume as they’re baggy. I prefer to style them with heels, pointed-toe shoes, flats, or Converse trainers that will all give you a lighter look.

Heels and jeans

Skinny jeans

Out of all of the jeans, skinny jeans work the best for a more formal style if you pair them with a blazer and high heels or classic flats. Another classic look is to pair them with long boots because you can tuck them inside the boot. White sneakers also look great with these jeans as well as sandals. The only shoe that I don’t think looks good with skinny jeans are strappy sandals because skinny jeans are already tight around your ankle, so any additional straps or bows around your ankle would just look too busy.

I hope that you find all of my styling tips useful. Remember to make deliberate choices when styling your outfits and pick a shoe that will pair well with your jeans. You might also want to think about what fit of jeans will complement your figure the best, and that will depend on your height as well as your body shape.

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