How to Emulate Alexa Chung's Style: Fashion Tips & Outfit Ideas

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

Today, I’m going to be doing an Alexa Chung style guide. Alexa is the darling of the fashion world. She started her career as a model, but over the years, she’s become a fashion personality.

Alexa Chung fashion icon

Alexa Chung's fashion career

Who is Alexa Chung?

Alexa has written books, done TV presenting, contributed to Vogue, and started her own fashion line.

Alexa Chung's 2010s style

Alexa Chung's 2010s style

In the 2010s twee Tumblr-era, Alexa was queen. She had that whole British, cool, it-girl vibe going on.

Alexa's British it-girl style

Alexa was a bit mod, twee, and hipster; a bit preppy, but edgy at the same time. She had a very eclectic and quirky style, which was also very classic.

Alexa Chung's style evolution

You can tell the difference between outfits that she wore around 2010 to the outfits she wears today, but at the same time, none of those 2010-ish outfits have aged badly. 

Classic Alexa Chung style

Alexa has maintained that cool it-girl image over the years because she has been able to move on to the next thing and go with the flow.

She also doesn’t have that kind of intimidating, unapproachable thing that many high fashion models have. 

Alexa Chung festival outfits

Alexa Chung festival outfits

To talk about Alexa Chung’s style, we have talk about her Glastonbury festival outfits. Every year, Alexa goes to Glastonbury and gets photographed.

Alexa Chung festival outfits at Glastonbury

Alexa solidified that music festival fashion scene. Every year, without fail, she is spotted wearing a Barbour jacket and Hunter boots. 

Alexa Chung summer music festival outfits

Over the years, she’s done different variations of that outfit. My favorite was a metallic mini-dress with Hunter boots and a rain jacket.

Alexa Chung and Barbour jackets

Her iconic Glastonbury outfits came full circle when her fashion line collaborated with Barbour to do a line of jackets. 

Alexa Chung and Barbour collaboration

Alexa has always loved British heritage pieces, and it doesn’t really get more British countryside than a classic waxed jacket. So this collaboration between Alexa Chung and Barbour was the perfect fit. 

The Alexa Mulberry bag

The Alexa Mulberry bag

Another collaboration with a heritage British brand is her collaboration with Mulberry. Back in 2010, they designed the Alexa bag, based on Alexa Chung and her style.

The Alexa bag by Mulberry

The Alexa bag quickly became one of their most popular and best-selling styles. The design reminds me of a classic, British, academic-style satchel.

Alexa Chung's Mulberry bag collection

In 2021, Alexa was invited to design a collection of the Alexa bags, and she went for '70s-inspired designs. There was a popping turquoise color, a green color, as well as '70s browns.

Alexa Chung fashion line

Alexa Chung fashion line

Unfortunately, her clothing line, ALEXACHUNG, recently closed down. 

Alexa Chung's clothing line

The fashion line started in 2017, and the designs were an extension of her personal style. The brand described itself as "girlish charm with a rock n’roll edge."

How to dress like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's style & outfits

Let’s get onto talking about the specific pieces that Alexa loves to wear and how you can channel some of her energy into your outfits. 

Alexa Chung wearing overalls

Alexa Chung overall outfits


This is definitely a classic in Alexa’s wardrobe, be it overalls with pants, shorts, or skirts.

Alexa Chung outfits with leather

Alexa Chung's feminine grunge style

Feminine grunge

Alexa often mixes feminine clothing items with grungy rock n’roll items. She does this a lot by wearing black leather. 

Wearing leather bottoms with a feminine blouse

She creates juxtaposition when she’s wearing black leather shorts or skirts by wearing a feminine blouse on top.

Alexa Chung wearing a trench coat

Trench coat

Another British style staple that Alexa loves is a trench coat. She has worn many forms and colors of trench coats over the years.

Alexa Chung trench coat outfit

I saw this picture of her in this trench coat outfit and thought that I could recreate this outfit with pieces that I have.

Alexa Chung outfit 1

Alexa Chung outfit 1

For the outfit underneath, I’ve gone for all-black. Alexa loves an all-black outfit too. 

Alexa Chung wearing a white collar

Then I added a white colla r to create some contrast as Alexa loves a collar. I also have a little bag like the one that she has.

See my previous tutorial on how to style an oversized collar for more inspiration.

Alexa Chung wearing yellow


Alexa loves to wear yellow. She’s worn it a lot over the years, and it looks amazing on her. 

Yellow Alexa Chung outfits

She loves a pastel, lemony kind of yellow, but she also wears other shades. 

Black and yellow Alexa Chung outfits

Pretty much every time Alexa wears yellow, she accessorizes with black, which I would never think to do, but she looks so good.

Alexa Chung outfit 2

Alexa Chung outfit 2

This yellow dress is the perfect Alexa Chung dress; the color and collar are so her. To accessorize with black, I cinched in the waist of the dress with a black belt and added a faux-leather jacket over the top.

Alexa Chung layering a top under a dress


Alexa likes layering too, especially a t-shirt or a blouse under a dress.

Alexa Chung outfits with texture

She incorporates lots of different textures into an outfit, like layering this patent leather underneath a white dress. 

Beaded outfits on the red carpet

For her red carpet looks, she loves a beaded outfit.

Alexa Chung outfit 3

Alexa Chung outfit 3

For the last outfit, I went for a Glastonbury-style one. I tried to do the feminine mixed with grunge. I’m wearing a silky pink cami top paired with a black, ripped denim skirt. I finished the outfit with Hunter boots and a rain jacket.

Alexa Chung style guide

That’s the end of my Alexa Chung style guide. I hope you’ve been inspired by her fashion sense, I know I definitely have, and that you now know how to channel her style into your own looks.

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