Maternity Outfits

by Alliwears

Here are a few outfit inspirations for during that special time of your life when you are expecting.

Overalls. Is there a more classic pregnancy look than overalls? I can never resist. Plus, the comfort can't be beat. Any time there is not a waistline involved you can count on me to get behind it. Think dresses, jumpers, etc. I loved the unusual color of this pair of overalls, found at the link below, and the material is more flexible than denim allowing for more movement and comfort.

Black and white. Speaking of classic, don't forget that most basic fashion rules apply with maternity as non-maternity. Black and white and a somewhat tailored look like this, while still casual, looks sophisticated and well put together. These pants are not maternity but luckily so many pants these days feature elastic in the back making for a comfortable fit and something that you can wear with your growing belly.

Leggings and tunic. Long, flowy, bum-covering blouses paired with leggings is probably my most frequented maternity outfit. The balance of loose-fitting on the top and form-fitting on the bottom creates a beautiful look. Even though most of your leggings will likely fit throughout your pregnancy I recommend investing in a maternity pair that goes high over your belly for maximum enjoyment. You'll also maintain the shape of your non-maternity leggings that way better too. I recommend the same for undies, treat yourself to new ones to accommodate your size, you won't regret it.

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