by Fashionablycasualmom

2020 gave casual wear a whole new meaning. Loungewear fashion was just about everywhere and embraced by many.

2 piece sets in every color, every pattern and for every body.

A 2 piece cotton lounge set that can easily be worn to bed, lounging around the house, working from home or even running errands around town. Lounge sets have becoming acceptable just about anywhere.

planning a getaway by car or plane? More than likely you’ve considered wearing a lounge set. They’re comfortable and will keep you warm ( if you’re anything like me I’m always cold on a plane) you can easily wear a tank and tie the sweater around you and use it when needed.

you look out together and requires very little effort.

One of my favorite loungewear set is this one right here. So versatile because of the black shorts that can be worn with just about anything in your closet. The cropped sweater is very trendy but long enough if you don’t love showing your stomach. Pored as a set is the perfect casual outfit but can be worn individually .

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