Sequin Pants for Holiday Lounging

Thanks to Nuuly, I’ve been able to take my wardrobe to a whole new level. Instead of spending money on expensive pieces that I only wear once, I now can rent 6 pieces for the same price as one! And once I’ve finished wearing them to my hearts content (or just taking pictures of outfits) I can send them back. It’s a win for the environment, my closet space, and my bank account. These sequin pants are one of those items.

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I was skeptical about sequin pants, especially when they’re joggers. I worried that they would be uncomfortable or look weird. As it turns out, they are neither! They are actually super comfortable and lined with a jersey type material. Sometimes the lining isn’t done right but on these joggers they definitely are. I sat in them for a whole day and the only time I was uncomfortable was when I sat criss cross on the sequins for a long time. Overall I’m super impressed with them and might even consider renting them again.

Sequin Pants for the Holidays

While I recently sent these sequin pants back to Nuuly, I do think I’ll be renting them for the holidays next month. They are as comfortable as pajamas but so much more chic and put together. If this Christmas is anything like last Christmas, I’ll opt for a more comfortable outfit. (It was cold last Christmas. Not just Florida cold. Like 40 degrees cold!) I’ve loved pairing this on the weekends with a simple sweater or tee and can see that for Christmas morning as well. You could even dress it up for work with a nice blouse, some heels, and a clutch. (They don’t have to know their just sparkly pjs after all! That can just be your little secret).

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