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Alyvia Adelynn
by Alyvia Adelynn

With all of the lockdowns and quarantine of COVID-19, I’ve had a lot of time to refine my loungewear A-game! Here I’m going to show you how you can make any lazy outfit look cute and stylish.

How to style sweatpants

Plaid shirt

Here I’m wearing a gray sports bra with gray sweatpants. To break up the monochromatic look, I’ve thrown a navy plaid shirt on top. You can also wear this shirt by tying it around your waist.

sweatpants style

Long-sleeved crop top

If you buy sweatpants that are a little too big and you want more of a fitted look, an easy way to do this is to simply flip over the waistband and then pull them up a bit to make them more high-waisted, as I’ve done here.

Styling sweatpants

Cinched top

The next top I’m styling with these pants is this super cute, cinched white top. The great thing about this top is that you can adjust its length and wear it longer or cinch it to make it shorter.

sweatpants styling

Gray cardigan

The last top that I’m pairing with these pants is this dark gray, deep v-neck flowy shirt. It is so comfy. I’ve thrown this cute light gray cardigan over it which is so soft and just like a blanket.

Easy sweatpants style

Basic sweatpants style

Square cut crop

The next outfit I’m styling is this cute square top paired with these gray sweatpants. I threw over a super comfy fleece on top, which I personally like wearing zipped down, although you can zip it all the way up. I love how the gray and the beige work so well together. To make it a little more masculine, I threw on a baseball cap and some chunky white sneakers.

Graphic tee

In the next outfit, I’m wearing my Kylie Jenner Champion sweatpants which I am obsessed with. I’ve combined them with a Metallica shirt (from the men’s section), and I love this baggy, oversized look. If you want to make it a bit more fitted, you can tuck in the back of your shirt, which will create more of a structured silhouette. 


Here I’ve paired the Kylie Jenner pants with a Travis Scott hoodie - perfect combination.

Vintage crew neck

These pants are super cool, and they have a little zipper detail at the bottom. I’m wearing them with this vintage Champion crew-neck, which I purposely bought a little oversized for an extra comfy feel.

White tee

I also like to style these pants with a white baggy tee. I have the shirt tucked in at the back to make it a little more flattering on me.

Knit cardigan

In this look, I’m wearing black Champion sweatpants with a biker tee that I thrifted. If you’re cold, you can throw on a black knit cardigan. This is one of my go-to outfits, and once I put this comfy cardigan on, I find it very difficult to take it off!

Button-up crop

Keeping on the same pants, I threw on this black button-up long-sleeve crop top. I love wearing all black. I think that it looks so clean and coordinated. 

Black tube top

Here I put on a different pair of black Champion sweatpants (gotta love ‘em Champions). For another all-black look, I threw on this black tube.

White tube top

These pants look good with any tube, so I threw on this white one with a bit of a sleeve. It’s made out of a knit material that is really good quality, and it feels great.


Here we have a pair of leggings. Over the top of the black v-neck I threw on this cute, really lightweight cardigan. I love how girly and flowy this is. 


If cardigans aren’t really your thing, you can also pair your leggings with a comfy sweater.

Biker shorts

The last pair of pants I’m wearing are these super cute biker shorts which I’ve paired with an oversized baggy tee. I love wearing nude colors.

Oversized shirt

To add another layer, you can pair the outfit with a long sleeve oversized shirt. I’ve rolled over the sleeves to make it look a little more cute and girly.

Cropped hoodie

Last but not least, a cropped hoodie. I wasn’t so keen on these until I tried one on and realized how comfy and snug they are!

And that’s a wrap. Lots of loungewear looks. There are so many options when it comes to at-home, comfy dressing. My top tip is to mix and match. Loungewear items are very versatile, and so many of the clothes in this lookbook can be switched around. Have fun pairing different tops with different bottoms.

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