Sub Zero Weather Has an Outfit

by Style_me_mandy

Recently, here in the Midwest, we had about a five day stretch of subzero temperatures. This is not necessarily weather that anyone wants to even go out and let alone even consider what may look cute. Only thought is just be warm. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can basically dress in a blanket in a clothing form, and still look cute as I found out. 😁 I sported a cozy, thick, Sherpa sweatsuit and a stocking cap and was as warm as I possibly could be yet still someone had a look going.

This exact outfit was Forever 21 and it’s no longer available. However, I found some super cute options on Shein that are very similar and have made me add to cart!

Love that these come in color options. I’m here for the neutrals!

Toss on a matching neutral stocking cap before heading out. Amazon is a great place to find these in so many color choices.

Another option when it’s not so incredibly cold is hair up and toss on some Ugg slippers or your favorite dupes.

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