Keep Cozy With These 8 Loungewear Outfits

Shawnaci Schroeder
by Shawnaci Schroeder

Comfy and cozy loungewear is my favorite type of outfit! In this tutorial I show you how I like to style neutral, monochromatic looks made up of the comfiest loungewear to get me through the winter.

Loungewear outfits

Wear a two-piece

This first look is definitely one of my favorites! Most of the outfits in this tutorial are not sets but this one is. There is something about this fabric that just makes me fall in love with this outfit! It is so soft and it reminds me of those velour tracksuits. This an outfit that is just perfect for snuggling next to the fire with a good book. This set feels like wearing a blanket in a two-piece. 

Cute loungewear sets

Wear shorts 

This next look is for areas with a little warmer weather. What I love about this top is that it’s so soft on the inside which, of course, makes it super cozy! The shorts are made from a really thick material. This is not a set but I love how the neutral tones work perfectly together to create this look. 

Women’s loungewear

Mix and match pieces 

I adore this fun, loungewear look! Although this outfit looks amazing, I must admit that the pants don’t always sit exactly as I want them to. I also find that sometimes the fabric of the top flips over and reveals the stitching. I personally still love wearing this outfit, but it's always good to know the quality of your pieces. 

Wear a white crew neck

Wear warm, thick shorts 

This next look also features a pair of shorts. These shorts are probably the thickest piece in this tutorial. I adore this sweatshirt! It is so stretchy and comfortable which is exactly what a person needs when it comes to loungewear. One of the best aspects of this top is that it has pockets! I love pairing these two pieces together because I feel like the stretch of the sweatshirt works so well with the thick fabric of the shorts. 

Wear detailed pieces

Wear detailed pieces 

This set is not something I ever thought I would add to my wardrobe but I am so glad I did! One of the best things about this loungewear set is the fun animal print detail. The detailing is so subtle that I feel like it doesn’t take over the set. I also love that this set has a jagged edge at the bottom of the hoodie and pants which is a really nice detail. 

Best loungewear

Wear a comfy sweatshirt 

I love a good crew neck and this look has just that! This soft, thick material is perfect to lounge around in all day! I have no shame outfit repeating if I find something I really like, and this is definitely one of those outfits. The joggers I’m wearing are actually not high-waisted. I love having different types of pieces that I can mix up. 

Wear a hoodie

Wear grey tones 

This outfit is a loungewear look I adore! These two pieces are really great to wear around the house. They are both so comfy and I love the two grey tones together. When it comes to loungewear, everyone has a fabric they prefer. Some people prefer thick and some thin. Some like fluffy and some don’t. I love the fabric of these two pieces! They totally work for me! 

Cute loungewear

Wear a cropped sweatshirt 

This cropped top and sweatpants duo is a super affordable look. What I love about these pants is that they are thick and have lasted the test of time. The same goes for the top which I have had for about 2 years now. This is a great outfit to have if you are working from home or just want to be comfy and cozy this winter! There is nothing better than loungewear! Let me know which look you like best in the comments! 

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