5 Color Coordinated Outfit Ideas

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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In this lookbook, I have some wonderful color-coordinated outfits that show you.

That’s right, we’ll be looking at some fun color pairings and seeing why they pair so well. Wearing colors that complement each other well is a crucial part of putting together a chic and stylish outfit.

Let’s get started!

Orange and pink

1. Orange and pink

The first color pairing is bright pink and bright orange.

These colors pair so well together because they match each other in intensity, so they both attract an equal amount of attention.

They are also the same value, meaning they have the same shade of darkness.

Here, I’ve gone for some tailored pants and an orange and white patterned blouse.

Pink and red

2. Pink and red

The next combination is pastel pink and red.

Whereas the previous colors matched one another in intensity, here, the pale pink softens the red and acts as a flattering accompaniment.

Because of the bright red, this combination feels very festive to me.

Here, I’m wearing a pair of flared red pants and a draped pink top with more of a fitted waist. 

Turquoise and brown

3. Turquoise and brown

This next combination is turquoise and chocolate brown. I like these two colors because they both feel very natural and earthy.

I went for a silk turquoise midi dress with a double-breasted brown blazer on top. To accessorize, I went for a bag in the same color as the blazer. 

Turquoise and brown

4. Pink and beige

Here we have bubblegum pink and beige.

This combination works because the pink is rather daring and adventurous but the beige tones it down. If wearing a bold color intimidates you a bit, try pairing it with beige, as this will make it much more wearable.

This pencil skirt is a real head turner piece, and I’ve paired it with a simple beige blouse. 

Black and yellow

5. Black and yellow

Last up, we have a timeless combination made famous, of course, by the bumblebee - black and yellow.

This combination uses the same principle as the last one, where the neutral black balances out the standout yellow.

Every woman needs a pair of smart black pants in her wardrobe, and you can easily pair them with any yellow top.

Black and yellow

If you don’t want quite as much yellow showing, pop a black blazer on top to leave you with more of a subtle slip of yellow.

5 color coordinated outfit ideas

There we have five different gorgeous color combinations. One might appeal more to one person and another to someone else.

Find the one that grabbed your attention the most and have a look to see whether you can create an outfit in that color pairing of your own.

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