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Are you a mom (or maybe a grandma) who wants to come up with easy affordable casual mom outfits?

Do you get a charge out of wearing essential pieces, but in a more stylish way?

Are you going on a family vacation this summer and would like to look like a cute mom or maybe even like a “cool mom” or “cool Glamma”?

Let me help you out.

On each outfit, I have put all the links together for it. Just click on the highlighted words to see the links.

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What are Casual Mom Outfits?

For those of you who follow me regularly, you know I am a retired dermatologist turned blogger/influencer. I used to wear professional clothing to work, but now, I mostly wear casual mom outfits or Glamma outfits because I am the glamorous Grandma to four little grandsons.

Casual mom outfits in my book include comfortable, affordable, stylish separates that can be paired in lots of different ways. Please follow me on Instagram @drjuliemarshall to see my different cute mom outfits.

Casual mom outfits are well-fitting, but not tight. I like to be able to sit at my desk for long stretches without needing to change my pants. And I like to go out to lunch and dinner a lot (thus the need for stylish mom/Glamma outfits) so again the outfits need to feel good to wear.

Here are a bunch of casual mom outfits that you can probably pull together from your very own closet. But don’t worry. I have included links for all of the pieces if you need to fill in a wardrobe gap. Many of the pieces are on sale, so, yay for you!

Casual Mom Outfits #1 Oversized Blue Striped Shirt with Linen Pants

This first mom outfit idea was in my Fourth of July Outfit post. I love this shirt and can also suggest that you wear it with white jeans or even white shorts. Here I added nude sandals which are always a good idea. Click here to see all the links to this look. All items are on sale!

The shirt is from Francesca’s and the sizes are running low. I wear a size small in it. When you click on the links, see that I have added a few more shirts to pick from. My pants are size small from Old Navy. I have also added several from Talbots that are just as comfy.

Casual Mom Outfit #2 Bright Cardigan with Orange and Lemon Print Pants
Here I am wearing one of several casual mom outfits with a citron cotton cardigan and orange and lemon print pants.

These summer pants are so much fun! And of course, they’re on sale. The cardigan (I’m wearing a size small in the sweater and size 6 in the pants) makes the stylish mom outfit pop as does the layered necklace. Here are the links. Oh, and check out this post, Six Patterned Pants Outfits, where I show you SIX different ways to wear these same print pants! It’s a really practical post because I show you how you can wear ANY pair of patterned pants in many different ways.

Casual Mom Outfits #3 Gingham Pants with a Print Shirt and a Lilac Sweater
Here I am wearing one of several casual mom outfits with a print blouse, blue gingham pants and a lilac cotton sweater draped over my shoulders.
Here I am wearing one of several casual mom outfits with a print blouse, blue gingham pants and a lilac cotton sweater draped over my shoulders.

Do you love gingham as much as I do? I think it’s such a classic fabric. I have linked a pair from Talbots as well as a pair from J McLaughlin. They are almost identical in their color. Also, the shirt is from last season, but I have linked a few very similar others. The sweater is such a pretty color and will readily go into fall with jeans or black pants. Here is the whole outfit. All are on sale!

I love the colors in this look that’s from Talbots. I bought it this spring and each piece can stand alone and make other fun looks. Check out this post, Four Ways to Style Blue Gingham Pants, where I show you four cute looks for styling any gingham pants you may have in your closet. Just look at the looks and see if you have similar items in your closet. They don’t have to be these exact ones.

Casual Mom Outfits #4 Denim Dress with Striped Tee
Here is a Ralph Lauren denim dress with a red and white striped Tee underneath. My sandals are nude and flat. My bag is a darling J McLaughlin wicker and leather bucker bag.

This denim dres s is such a classic! It’s by Ralph Lauren and is such a bargain. I included it in this year’s “Fourth of July Looks”, but it is a dress I wear all year round. In the summer, I wear it with a brown leather belt without the tee, and I frequently add a scarf (see next photo) to change it up. Here are the links for the dress with the striped tee. And here is the same dress with a pretty scarf.

Pro-tip: J McLaughlin has the prettiest scarves. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a scarf as it is an item that only increases in value with time. And scarves can be worn in so many different ways. A scarf is one of my favorite things to purchase on vacation as it takes up very little real estate in my suitcase and it reminds me of a fun trip! Win-win!

Here is the same jean dress as above but I am now wearing a pretty blue and green scarf draped around my neck as well as Oakley sunglasses.
Casual Mom Outfits #5 Dress with a Chambray Shirt
Here I am wearing a pretty J Crew red, white, and blue sleevless dress with a denim shirt tied over it. Again I am wearing the J McLaughlin wicker bag and nude sandals!
Here I am wearing a pretty J Crew red, white, and blue sleevless dress with a denim shirt tied over it. Again I am wearing the J McLaughlin wicker bag and nude sandals! Here is the dress with out the shirt.
Here I am wearing a pretty J Crew red, white, and blue sleevless dress with a denim shirt tied over it. Again I am wearing the J McLaughlin wicker bag and nude sandals! Here is a closeup of my shirt.

This is a fun summer dress that I paired with a chambray shirt. Pro-tip: This styling of the shirt is very flattering to the mid-life tummy. I also showed you several other ways to style it here in the post, “What to wear over a dress”. Here are the links to this look.

Casual Mom Outfits #6 What to Wear on a Walk with Your Gal Pals
Here I am wearing a white cotton v-neck tank top, a Blackhawks baseball cap and a black skort for a walk!
Here is a closeup view of the Blackhawks, sunglasses, and white tank!

Doesn’t this look just work? Pair a white tank: this one is my favorite of all time (Michael Stars Maya tank) and a cute Amazon black skort. I added a Blackhawks hat as I’m from Chicago as well as some really cute and very inexpensive silver bracelets. Lastly, I am wearing my stainless steel Ebel watch that I wear! It’s that much of a classic! Here are the links for this look!

Casual Mom Outfits #7 A Sleeveless Cotton Top and Linen Shorts with a Hat (of course!)
Here I a wearing a sleeveless foulard cotton tank in blue tones with blue linen shorts and white sneakers. My hat is broad-brimmed and my sunglasses are ovrtsized.

Isn’t this the perfect look for a hot day on vacation? Maybe what I would wear for a walk along the Boardwalk? I love the comfort of linen shorts and a cotton tank. I always wear a hat, Spf 30, and sunglasses for my time outside. Here is a similar pair of shorts and a to p as mine are from last year. They are both on sale!

Casual Mom Outfits #8 Jeans with a Print Shirt and Pretty Sweater
In this look I am wearing a lilac print cotton long-sleeved shirt with a coordinating lilac colored cotton sweater draped over my shoulders. I have on medium wash straight blue jeans and tan sandals. This is the eighth of the casual mom outfits.

This is the same sweater as Outfit #3 above. Only here it’s paired with blue jeans, a great (so soft) lilac print shirt, and a terrific (I used this A LOT THIS SUMMER) tote. I think this is such a terrific look and I will be wearing it to run around town all fall. Check this look out here! All are on sale too!

Casual Mom Outfits #9 A Black V-neck Tank and Linen Pants
In this ninth of the casual mom outfits for women over 50, I am sporting a black v-neck tank with tan striped linen pants. My bag and shoe are tan as well.

Don’t you just love the chic look of a black top with striped linen pants? I think this look is so sharp and easy to wear. If you add a blue jean jacket, you will readily transition to fall. Here are the links to this look.

Casual Mom Outfits #10 Cute Summer Dress with a White Cardigan
I am wearing the tenth of the casual mom outfits. I am wearing a darling sleeveless blue, yellow and red foulard pattern dress with a central design. I added a white cotton cardigan, fun earrings, nude sandals and oversized sunglasses.

This darling Amazon dress(S) is only $25! It packs like a dream and who could go wrong with J Crew factory white cardigan (M) at $46.50?! Pro-tip: A cardigan is always a good idea for cool evenings or air conditioning. Here are the links.

What do Fashionable Moms Wear?

Fashionable moms wear clothes that are in style now. But, I think they take the time to “make the fashion trends their own”. By this I mean, they try on various trends and see if they resonate with them personally. For example, if a fashionable woman hates the way straight-leg jeans look on their body, then they won’t wear them. Fashionable moms (and grandmas) take the time to check out the current styles and then they see if they think they work with their bodies and lifestyles. And fashionable moms enjoy their outfits. That’s the real key to successful, fashionable looks.

How to Dress Sexier as a Mom?

I think this is a personal choice. I think the way to look one’s sexiest is to be confident in the outfit and in yourself. I think the clothing items should fit well, not too tight, but, also, not too loose and baggy. I think when one is well-groomed with stylish hair and make-up, you look sexier. Also when one’s nails are well-maintained, you feel more confident.

The details matter. Take the time to tend to your clothes and shoes. Remove any spots. Press out the wrinkles. Repair any loose buttons. Polish your shoes. Wear the right shapewear. Be sure your bra straps aren’t showing. You will look more put together and sexier by default.

Conclusion to Casual Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my recent summer outfits for women over 50. I wear clothes that are fun, comfortable, colorful, and classic. Do any of those adjectives sound like your style? If so, please follow me here on this blog and please follow me on Instagram @drjuliemarshall.

Oh, and please share me with your friends and family. It will help my blog to grow so I can continue to share my outfits, recipes, dermatology tips, and tablescapes with you! Thank you so much. I really appreciate each and every one of you that read my articles. It’s so much fun for me to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or to DM me @drjuliemarshall if you have an idea you would like me to blog about. Or if you have an item in your closet that you don’t know how to style. I will try and help! Happy Thursday!


Dr. Julie

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