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2 Materials
5 Minutes

Hi everyone, today I’m going to show you a crazy pants hack that will blow your mind.

Leather pants

This fashion hack restyles leather pants into a sexy, stylish top, without any sewing, cutting or gluing. Let’s get into it. 

Tools and materials:

  • Leather pants
  • Belt
Putting arm through pant leg

1. Put one arm through the pant leg

Start off by putting one of your arms through one of the pant legs.

Tucking other pant leg under waistband

2. Tuck the other pant leg under the waistband

Now bring the other pant leg around your back and tuck the ankle of the pant leg under the waistband. 

Securing with belt

3. Secure with a belt

Now take a belt. I used a black leather one to match the black leather-look of my pants.

Bring the belt through the belt loops (which should run up your shoulder). Bring the belt around your back and then buckle it up at the front. 

Adjusting sleeve

4. Adjust the sleeve

Take a black hair elastic and pull it up the length of your arm.

Tuck any excess fabric into the hair elastic to shorten the sleeve. 

Pants to sleek top hack

Pants to sleek top hack

And now you have a super sexy shirt from a pair of pants. How cool is this hack? I hope you love it as much as I do. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Leather pants
  • Belt

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