7 Chic White Pants Outfit Ideas

by Marina
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In this lookbook, I'm going to show you 7 ways to style a white pants outfit.

My white pants are from Zara, but any straight-legged pants would work. I love the wide belt and buckle on these and have made a feature of them in some of the looks. Let's get started!

Black shirt and pumps

1. Black shirt and pumps

This silky black shirt is also new and goes so well with the pants.

I tucked it in all around and bloused it slightly over the belt for a flattering silhouette and paired it with simple black pumps.

It's a great look for work and for a smart night out.

Black shirt and pumps

I think adding the black coat moves the outfit into a different class.

Caramel sweater

2. Caramel sweater

A creamy caramel short-sleeved sweater tucked into the pants is super cute.

It may not work so well on cooler days without the coat, but it's a smart casual look that you could wear almost anywhere.

Again, I love to tuck the top in to make the most of the belt feature and I paired it with nude heels.

Caramel sweater

I threw a trench coat over the top and pushed up the coat sleeves and added a purse in a matching tone.

I love these neutral shades, but you could always use a brightly-colored purse for a pop of color.

Loose white sweater

3. Loose white sweater

This is definitely a more casual outfit, but it still looks well put together.

I tucked in a small section of the front of the sweater to show off the buckle and added black loafers and a small black bag. 

Either a black or off-white coat would go well with this look if you want another layer.

Fine cream top

4. Fine cream top

I've been looking for the perfect way to wear this cream top for a while and these white pants gave me the opportunity.

I've paired it with very high heels, so this outfit is really for a night out when you won't be walking very much!

If you don't want to wear sandals, you could switch them out for any smart nude shoe.

Fine cream top

I decided to stay very neutral again with an off-white coat and neutral purse.

I think this look is so elegant, I'd feel comfortable wearing it to the smartest restaurant - yet it's very simple to put together.

Camel coat

5. Camel coat

Here's another way to wear the caramel sweater from the second look. This time I styled it with a short camel coat and matching camel pumps and added a red purse to lift the whole outfit.

I would wear this for work and feel equally good in it on a night out.

Mock turtleneck top

6. Mock turtleneck top

This look may well be too white for some of you, but I really love it.

Under the off-white coat from the fourth look, I'm wearing a high-necked white top half tucked into the pants.

I added the black loafers and purse from the third look for an elevated everyday casual look.

Blue shirt

7. Blue shirt

I moved away from neutral colors for my last look, which is my favorite of all of them.

The blue striped tailored shirt is more formal than the others and obviously appropriate for work but elegant enough for a night out too.

Blue shirt

I love the light blue tones of the shirt under the trench coat too and I'm wearing this look with the nude heels from the second look.

White pants outfit ideas

Did this lookbook give you some ideas on what to wear with white pants?

Which was your favorite look - was it the same as mine? Do let me know in the comments and also tell me which article of clothing you find hard to style.

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