11 Chic Chunky Shoes Outfits For Chunky Loafers, Doc. Martens & More

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

I’m going to give you some fresh chunky shoes outfits so that you’ll be full of inspiration for how to style yours.

Chunky shoes styles

There are lots of different types of chunky shoes out there - boots might be your favorite, or perhaps loafers, or maybe you prefer Doc. Martens.

Whatever your style, I’m going to show you how to make them rock.

Bright pink sweater with chunky shoes

1. Bright combo

With this first outfit, I fell in love with this bright pink color. I styled the sweater with an old pair of Levis and a nylon crossbody bag.

To make the fit more interesting, I brought in another complementary bright color with a green baseball cap. Bright colors are a big trend right now and pink and green are my favorite combo.

I really like the sturdiness that the chunky shoes bring to the look.

Light tonal chunky shoes outfit

2. Tonal

The next outfit is this super cozy fall outfit and for this one, I wanted to stay within the same color theme. I mixed together shades of white, off-white, and eggshell.

Creating an outfit with super light colors like this instantly levels up your look, even if you’re wearing simple pieces.

Chunky shoes outfit using an outfit formula

3. Repeat the formula

Here I wanted to show you how you can make an outfit using the same outfit formula as the one before but with different pieces and colors.

This look is much more casual looking. You can reuse the same outfit formulas to create totally different results. You can read more about outfit formulas here.

How to style chunky shoes with a mini skirt

4. Mini skirt

In this look, I’m wearing a mini skirt. If you’re like me and you want to wear them yet aren’t full of confidence at the same time, some tips to make it comfortable for you are to wear it with black tights and put a trench coat over it.

I’ve brought a pop of white with the sunglasses and bag to spice this look up a little and here we are.

Thrifted chunky shoes outfit

5. Thrifted finds

In this outfit, we have my favorite shade of green and I’ve layered a knit sweater vest on top of it. I found these both in the men’s section at the thrift store so it’s definitely worth checking out.

I finished off the look with a nylon bucket hat.

How to wear chunky shoes with a belted blazer

6. Belted blazer

To get the most out of the previous look, I’ve kept on the same shirt and the skirt, and here I’ve styled them with an oversized blazer on top. A belt helps to accentuate the waist.

I finished off the look with a pair of green-tinted sunnies and a bag with green detail. I have a lot of green pieces in my wardrobe which allows me to mix and match them together.

How to style chunky loafers

7. Luxe loafers

For the next outfit, I’m styling my chunky loafers. I like the look of these loafers with high white socks and so I went with cropped pants to reveal the ankle.

I finished the look with a black turtleneck and a leather jacket that brings some rock and roll vibes.

For more tips on how to style these shoes, see my previous lookbook for chunky loafers outfits.

Chunky shoes outfit with a beret

8. Beret

Here, I wanted to style a beret because I think that wearing one is the easiest way to give your outfit a bit of a French vibe. I’m also wearing some funky pants, that I again found at the thrift store.

I finished the outfit off with a leather jacket and a simple black handbag.

Simple chunky shoes outfit with accents of green

9. Bright accents

Here we have a super simple base: straight-legged jeans and a black t-shirt. I added some structure with a blazer.

Since the outfit is very simple, I added some interest with some catchy accessories: a baseball cap and a lime green bag that complements the green in the hat.

Monochrome chunky shoes outfit

10. Monochrome

I wear a lot of black and I love to create all-black looks. The leather jacket I’m wearing here is the same length as my first layer which created a stylish look.

Structured leather jackets like this work so well with lug-sole chunky boots.

Clothes to wear with chunky shoes

11. Cargo pants

For the last look, I’m wearing a pair of camel cargo pants that I stole from my husband's closet. I only discovered this style recently and I really like how they look. They also go very well with big boots like these Doc. Martens.

I added some feminine accessories to balance out the masculinity of the boots and the pants.

Chunky shoes outfits

I hope you like the chunky shoe outfits that I put together. Chunky shoes are quite big and heavy but don’t let that scare you away, they’re very trendy too!

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