How to Style White Boots for a Modern Look & a Tip to Clean Them

Is wearing white boots eccentric? Maybe. Yet white boots are very trendy right now. I feel like I see them on many women and they can be worn with anything!!

Different Outfits

For the theme of how to wear white boots, I really tried to think of different ways to approach wearing this footwear. I started with an all white look to make the outfit monochromatic. All of the details about my outfit are explained in that post.

Then I had Nancy wear a white topper to bookend the boots. I thought this would work nicely with pants that had white in them too.

Charlotte, my mother who is in her 80s, wore another color basically head to toe so that the white boots were a contrast to her outfit.

White Boots

I’m not sure why the white boots are so popular right now. But they are neutral. Just the other extreme of black. And since we all know how black goes with everything. Then why wouldn’t white?

In fact, since spring is hopefully coming soon, the white boots are a great way to transition to warmer weather. They “feel” lighter in an outfit since they are white.

The best part is how there are so many varieties available. They aren’t all super white. Some are more ivory. In fact, my mom didn’t even realize that hers were more ivory until we were standing side by side.

What wouldn’t they go with? I’d be hard-pressed to have an answer to that question. Color wise I think they absolutely go with everything. They are like the nude shoe trend only with more pop. The biggest reason they wouldn’t really fit with a certain outfit would be more about the style of the item.

I love that there are a ton of options including flats, heels, chunky, or cutout versions depending on where you live and what you like.

Tip to Cleaning your White Boots

The biggest excuse I hear from not wanting white anything is how it gets dirty. And I get that. Everything gets dirty, it’s just if you can see the dirt.

So let’s talk about an easy way to clean these puppies. The Magic Eraser. I remember when I first discovered the Magic Eraser for my bathtub. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Heck, maybe even better.

I don’t know what makes it so magic, but for some reason, it works fabulously. On your bathtub and white boots alike. Sure your boots are still going to get scuffed over time, but since they probably won’t be in style forever, you’re good.

Like I said in the individual posts, I didn’t ask both my mom and Nancy to buy their white boots. They did it all on their own. I love my pair, so I was excited to see they must like them enough to get their own pair.

So I bring it to you. If I was taking a vote, are you a yay or nay regarding white boots?

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