How to Tie Strappy Heels for More Security

Strappy heels look so cute and girly. I love how they add alot of personality to your outfit, but I hate how the straps are always sliding down. Especially in the summer when your lotion is sweating off. I've seen a couple different ways to tie your heel's straps and this one is a favorite of mine. Hope you enjoy this little trick.

Here is the reel I made for my Instagram.

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Step one: Take the straps and criss cross them in the back

Step two: Twist the straps in the front

Step three: Put the straps under the shoe for more support and bring them back up

TIP: this is the most important step I recommend always going under the shoe no matter what

Step four: Criss cross them again in the front

Step five: Tie them to stay

Here is a final look at the strappy heel all tied up

Love how it looks from the side too.

If you know of another great way to tie up the heels let me know in the comments below!

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