3 Easy Mom Styles

Sarah East
by Sarah East

Greetings fellow style enthusiasts! I’m here to give you some easy, everyday, casual outfit inspo for this beautiful summer season. Something cute and comfy for frolicking and chasing kiddos. ☺️✌️

Outfit number 1

Bike shorts!!! And a cut up tee. I picked up these leopard bike shorts at target and I’m completely obsessed! They are so comfy and not at all see through. Here’s a link for those. And while I was looking for the link I noticed they have “light pink tie dye” how do I not have those yet?!

My top “boy mom” I picked up at my local Goodwill. I cut the sleeves, neck, and bottom hem to give it a more slouchy crop top feel. No regrets! I love it. Super cute, casual, and cozy ❤️

While we have a picture of the front gots to have a picture of the back 😉

Outfit number 2

That denim jacket I am wearing is a HUGE staple in my wardrobe. It’s my go to constantly. I love it! I picked it up at old navy a few years back. Did you know they carry talls?! I’m 6’1 and I need that length. I love that this fits my arms. Here’s a link for one like it at Oldnavy.

They don’t have any “talls” left in this one but it has that same distressed style that mine does❤️

My striped top I picked up second hand but it’s Target brand. Target doesn’t have it anymore but I feel like you could recreate this look super easy with a striped tank or tee and put a knot in the front. Taaa daaa!

I’m wearing a garage sale belt, hand me down jeans skinny black jeans from AE and TEVA sandals. I LOVE my Teva sandals. I picked these up at Zappos.com. It is literally my all time favorite place to by shoes. Here is the link for these babies.

They are on sale for $40 and worth every penny! I could literally wear these everyday, everywhere, and be perfectly comfortable. They are easy to clean and they are durable. I can’t say enough great things! Get yourself some! You are worth it 😉❤️

Here’s a second view of number 2 with my jacket around my waist. I love layers!

Last but not least outfit number 3!

I picked up this cute hippie blouse at a garage sale for $2! Score! It was a little tent like so I folded the front and tucked it into the front of my shorts. There is a better picture of that bellow. I couldn’t find the exact same one for a link but this link is a super cute similar one they have in stock.

My shorts are oldnavy skinny jeans that I cut off myself. The thighs were a little snug so I gave myself a slit on the side to give those babies some breathing room 😄

My shoes are “Mayari” Birkenstock’s. I LOVE them 😍 like a lot! I held off getting them for the longest time because of the price and because I was afraid it would be uncomfortable to have a thick piece of leather between my toes. Ummm… they are worth every penny! So comfortable! So cute! So easy to slip on! I don’t have a single complaint. I got “Habana oil rubbed leather” and I picked them up at (of course) Zappos.com.

Number 3 close up

This belt I’m wearing I picked up at American Eagle at least a decade ago. I still love it! Maybe even more now. I could just never part with it. AE doesn’t have this belt anymore. But! I found these cute belt buckles on Etsy.com and you could assemble your own!

Thanks for checking out my outfit inspos! I’ll do my best to keep them coming ☺️❤️✌️

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