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Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you some outfits that I put together with two different skirts that I love at the moment. The first is a midi-length black skirt with some very tight pleats, and the second is an emerald green skirt with wider pleats. They both have a different style but are equally gorgeous.

How to style a pleated skirt

Draped blazer

Here I’ve dressed a graphic tee up by pairing it with this gorgeous black skirt with a slit on one side that goes above the knee. A blazer draped over my shoulders elevates the look even more. To accessorize, I put on a wide-brim hat which is not only stylish but is also practical and will keep the sun out of your eyes.

Styling a pleated skirt

Pop of color

In this outfit, I’ve included some pops of red into an otherwise all-black ensemble. I love the strong impact that the red makes and how it really jumps out at you. The red belt also draws attention to my waistline, which makes for a proportional and flattering look.

Easy pleated skirt style


Here I’ve gone for a brassiere for a touch of ladylike elegance. I’ve contrasted its tight fit with a blazer with relaxed tailoring. The muted green of the blazer also gently adds some color to the outfit and is a perfect addition.

pleated skirt style


Monochrome is on-trend right now, so I wanted to create an all-black outfit. I took a regular shirt, left some of the buttons at the bottom undone, and then tied it to create a bow-like effect. To accessorize, I threw on a wide brim hat and a cute little purse. The gray purse and white shoes break the look up a bit by adding a little hint of color.

Basic pleated skirt style

Bright & bold

For a real wow factor, I went for a bright red top which is beautiful in every sense of the word. Not only is the color an absolute vision, but the asymmetric sleeve detail is a wonderful decorative element. I also added white heels, which really pop against my dark skin. This outfit is sure to win you a lot of compliments!

Outfits with a pleated skirt

Graphic tee

Now for our emerald pleated skirt. In this outfit, I combined the dressy skirt with a graphic t-shirt for a mix of casual and formal elements in one. Mixing items like this is a great way to be creative when it comes to styling outfits. I’m wearing heels here, but you could just as easily wear this outfit with a pair of sneakers for a more everyday look.

Black blazer

This one is a chic and effortless look. I’m just wearing the skirt with a black vest top and a black blazer. I love the contrast between the high-waist of the skirt and the long blazer, which falls below the hips; it makes for a very proportional look. The finished look is smart-casual, and you could wear it in a variety of different settings.


I’m wearing a floral corset in this look, and the green on the corset ties in really well with the emerald skirt. To add another touch of green, I added a little green bag to accessorize. It’s always important to make sure that the colors in each of your pieces of clothing coordinate well with one another.

Mint green

I contrasted the emerald green with a light mint green color in this last look, and I’m really loving this palette. I went for another corset (you can probably tell by now that I’m a big corset fan), and over the top, I’m wearing a blazer in the same color. A roomy bag that gives me lots of space to put all of my things inside is the perfect accessory.

And we’ve reached the end of our lookbook. I hope that you’re able to take some inspiration away from the outfits that I put together. I find that it can often be helpful to see how other people style their clothes to get a fresh perspective as well as some ideas that you might not have tried before. Have fun, play around, and see what looks you can create!

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