How to Style Skirts for Spring

Alyvia Adelynn
by Alyvia Adelynn

I’m going to be sharing with you how I like to style skirts for the springtime. Whether you’re looking for something chic and professional or boyish and street-style, there is something here for you. I’ve put together six different looks, see which one you like best.

How to style a skirt

Floral midi

Here I am wearing a midi-skirt with a corset. I think that corsets are so glam, and I feel great wearing them. You could wear the corset tucked in or out; it looks just as fabulous. I prefer to wear it tucked out. The skirt is a silky satin material, which is light and perfect for the spring. The flair detail at the bottom gives it an element of sophistication. I’ve paired the outfit with some chic thong heels. You could easily throw a leather or denim jacket over the top of this outfit, and if you’re looking to dress it down (or if a corset just isn’t for you), the skirt would also look really good with a graphic tee.

Skirt style

Monochrome white

This next look is something more casual. I’m wearing a monochromatic white outfit - a super cute white tank and paired with a white pleated mini-skirt. This look is fun and playful, and it gives off young, tennis vibes. I’ve added a pair of dad sneakers for a sporty look.

Styling skirts

Monochrome black

I wanted to show you how cute a crew neck could look paired with a skater skirt. They look really good together; the bagginess of the oversized crew neck contrasts nicely with the little dainty skater skirt (named as such because it resembles the skirt that figure skaters wear). Again, I’m wearing my dad sneakers for a laid-back and relaxed look.

Skirt styling

Leopard print mini

This is quite funky and outlandish, and it is definitely something I wouldn’t wear day-to-day, but I still think it’s super cute and wanted to style it. I’m wearing a purple pastel corset with ruffle detail, and to match the quirky vibe, I paired it with a cheetah print skirt. Because these pieces are both loud statement pieces, they work well together. I kept the footwear simple with a pair of white tennis shoes.

Easy skirt style

Basic staples

This is a pretty simple look, and many people have staples like these in their closets. I’m wearing a gray mini skirt tied on the side so that it hugs my body and shows off my figure. The side tie also adds some asymmetric interest. For my top, I’m wearing a white t-shirt with lace detail around the v-neck. Very simple, but the lace detail adds some subtle style and makes sure that the outfit doesn’t look boring. On my feet, I’m wearing tennis shoes - super comfy and practical.

Basic skirt style

Black chic

Lastly, we have something a little chicer. I have on a cropped blazer, and I paired it with a black skirt with cross detail in the center. For footwear, I’m wearing some chunky platform lug sole boots with sheer thigh-high stockings. I think that this outfit gives off an interesting sexy vibe.

Those are my six skirts for you. I covered quite a range of different looks and vibes, so whether you’re looking for something dressed up or a bit more casual, I hope that you can take away some inspiration. The most important tip when deciding what to wear is to stay true to your personal style. Know what colors, styles, materials, shapes and fits work for you, and then work around that.

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