10 Winter Wardrobe Staples

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

The easiest way to start building up a capsule collection of gorgeous clothing is to focus on the absolute essentials first. Today's post is all about ten of the most important wardrobe staples for the chillier months.

A wrap coat is my personal favourite seasonal staple. They are so versatile as they can be worn casually, as well as for work or for a lovely evening out (that is in no way encouraging anyone to go out and get drunk this NYE!).The coat pictured above is from Ted Baker and has the most beautiful rose gold details. The wrap style means that you can cinch it in as much as you like to create an extremely flattering silhouette, and the wool-cashmere blend helps to keep you extra warm.

Over-the-knee boots are another winter essential that are so versatile and can honestly be worn with anything, as you can see in my video above! Before I obtained a pair of over-the-knee boots, I never thought they would work for me, but once I found a pair I loved I never looked back! They go with so many outfits and help to keep your legs warm in winter, especially if you're wearing a skirt and tights. The trusty ankle boot is another wardrobe essential both for Autumn and Winter. There are so many different styles to choose from, whether it's a chunky flat biker boot or a sexy stiletto heel. Like so many things on this list, they work for a number of occasions! I have worn ankle boots to the office, out shopping, for a night at the pub and to walk the dog.

I think my absolute favourite purchase of 2020 was my cream cashmere jumper from John Lewis. This is definitely a winter essential, as it's kept me so warm and stylish all through the colder months. When you wear cashmere, you genuinely don't feel the cold as much as everyone else does. There's been so many dog walks I've been on where people have complained about the cold and I've been snug as a bug in a rug!

Not only do you need a cashmere knit in your wardrobe, but another essential piece of knitwear is a rollneck jumper. Fear not, those of you who grew up watching Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan - if you have a bigger bust, you can definitely still wear a rollneck. You just need to make sure your bra fits properly and doesn't have any embellishment on it to ruin the smooth lines of your lovely knit. Rollnecks can be styled with so many pieces and they definitely elevate your look. My black rollneck is the sexiest item in my wardrobe - you don't have to have everything on show to be sultry.

This next one is a bit boring, but who can argue that black opaque tights are not utterly essential in winter? I definitely wouldn't wear a mini skirt without them! The problem with tights is that we tend to throw them on automatically without really thinking about it, but outfits can look amazing if you choose your hosiery carefully (think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl).A slightly controversial one next - earmuffs. Next to hats, they may not appear to be an essential, but like over-the-knee boots, once I started wearing earmuffs, I couldn't imagine not owning a pair! They are so glamorous and cute and they keep you warm without ruining your hairstyle. Say goodbye to those frosty mornings where your ears felt like they were going to fall off!

We're not finished singing the praises of cashmere just yet. A cashmere scarf is an absolute essential in winter. You thought your regular scarf kept you warm? Think again - despite the fact that the material is so thin, cashmere scarves keep you so so warm. It's almost like they have magic powers...Spot the next wardrobe essential in the above photo - a pair of wellies are 100% necessary any time of year if you own a dog, but especially so in the rainy, snowy months! If you have big calves like me and struggle to pull wellies up your legs, try Joules' selection of short wellies. I absolutely love mine.Our final essential is a pair of strappy party heels, whether that's a block heel or a spiky stiletto. The important thing is that they're strappy, because you'll find you have such a better night in them than you do in an uncomfortable court shoe. The straps will make your feet feel more secure and supported, resulting in longer sessions on the dancefloor!

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    These 10 items make dressing for winter much less intimidating

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    Wow!! These are very interesting! Some I love, and some I like, but some I’ll just say NO WAY!!! You definitely have an eclectic taste and style!! And there’s nothing wrong with that!!!