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by Sarah Lux Chronicles

Tis the season for beautiful greenery, flowers, and the perfect golden hour!

With that comes all the photoshoots! Not just family, but also, my personal favorite, Mommy and Me.

If you haven't tried this you definitely should. The photos are priceless and they are always my most cherished!

I have to shout out my personal photographer and good friend @ashleypav her photos are the best, and she knows exactly how to capture the moment

My first tip is the find a theme. For this shoot, I wanted to bring out our girly sides with floral dresses!

PatPat has some pretty amazing options for mama and me styles.

Second, pick something you are comfortable in. After all, you will be with a child, probably going a million miles a minute ha!

Dresses or anything flexible is recommended.

Don't forget about your son either! You can easily create a style that is similar/ matchy enough for photos.

For this particular shoot, I did chambray with jean shorts and the colors came out gorgeous.

Isn't this look the cutest! I actually found most of this look on Amazon!

Which one would you go for when it comes to capturing your special moments?

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