No More Bra Strap Showings...Thank You Elastic Bra Strap Holder!

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I have a favorite bra - sheer, in lots of fun colors, underwire, has traditional straps that insist on showing with my Racer-Back Sleeveless Tanks...

I tried strapless bras for the No-Bra-Strap Look...Major fail...slippage with constant fidgeting and yanking up was required.

Then I found the Elastic Bra Strap Holder...A Set of 3 in Nude, White, Black...Finally, a Game-Changer for Racer-Back Tanks!!!

Set of 3 Elastic Bra Strap Holders...Amazon LINK.

Sheer Underwire Bra - Tons of Colors...Amazon LINK.

Here's How The Elastic Bra Strap Holder Works...

The Elastic has a lingerie closure on one end...

And a Loop to Insert the Lingerie Closure on the Other End. Simple.

The Elastic Strap is totally adjustable...

Ready?? Let's Go!!

Here is the Sheer Underwire...on the antique mannequin...Front...

And Back.

How to Use the Elastic Bra Strap Holder:

Insert the Elastic Holder through the back bra straps...securely close. The Elastic Holder gently pulls the bra straps to the center of the back...Moving the Bra Straps off the Shoulders.

Now For the Racer-Back Tank...View from the Back with the Elastic Bra Holder in Place...

And from the Front...

And the Side...No Bra Straps!! All You See are the Clean Lines of the Tank...

NOW...The same Tank WITHOUT the Elastic Bra Holder...Side View...


Back...Sloppy Mess.

I'm Sold!! Love the Neat, No-Fuss, No-Fidgety, No-Wiggly, Super-Easy-To-Wear Elastic Bra Strap Holders.

And Serendipitously, the Elastic Bra Strap Holder Stops Bra Straps from Slipping Down Off the Shoulders...Perfect! Thanks!!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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