These Festive Green & Red Christmas Sweater Nails Are So Easy to Do

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
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If you don’t have a Christmas sweater to wear, don’t despair. You can wear these Christmas sweater nails instead! How much fun would it be to sport these holiday nails the whole month of December and on Christmas itself?

I love to wear holiday-inspired designs at my most favorite time of the year. It looks complicated but it’s really simple to do. Let me show you how to do red, green, and white Christmas nails in a design that looks just like the patterns on an ugly Christmas sweater!

Tools and materials:

  • Green, red, and white nail polish
  • Nail vinyls with a Christmas pattern
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
Red and green Christmas nails

1. Paint nails with red and green polish

Paint your nails, starting with the base coat to protect your nail bed. Then apply nail polish. I use red and green for the Christmas vibe. 

At first, I only contrasted one nail with half green and half red, but then I decided to paint my index finger green to amp up those Christmas-y feelings!

Christmas nail vinyls

2. Apply the Christmas nail vinyls

If you’re unsure how to apply nail vinyl, here’s my other tutorial on how to use nail vinyls.

Applying Christmas nail vinyls

Lay the nail vinyl on perfectly dry nails. Here, I used 2 to 3 vinyls per nail, but you can customize it!

Applying white nail polish on the vinyls

3. Apply white nail polish

Carefully apply white polish to the area of the nail vinyl and peel off the vinyl immediately, so the vinyl doesn't get stuck on when the polish dries.

Red, green, and white Christmas nails

I like to apply more white polish to the ends of the nails and just on the design in the center. 

Green and red Christmas sweater nails

It looks like you spent hours doing your nails with these intricate holiday-inspired designs, but it takes seconds!

Applying a top coat on the Christmas nails

4. Seal with a top coat

Add a top coat to seal in the design. Don’t skip this step as a topcoat is a must to keep your nails looking perfect. Topcoat helps to make the nails shiny and glossy, perfect for sparkly events during the holiday season!

Christmas sweater nails

Christmas sweater nails tutorial

I hope your Christmas holidays with your Christmas sweater nails (and for our friends over the pond, Christmas jumper nails) are filled with family, friends, good food, and joy! Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle!

Let me know in the comments if you tried this technique and share photos if you do. Merry Christmas!

Suggested materials:
  • Green, red, and white nail polish
  • Nail vinyls with a Christmas pattern
  • Base coat
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