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I’m not sure about you, but for me, spring felt like it would never arrive. And now that it’s here, I am itching to bust out my floral dresses and sandals and pack away the bulky sweaters.

But first, I have to clean out my closet, something I both love and dread. I try to do this twice a year - once now and again in the winter time, when I’m naturally moving things around and thinking about what I wore and didn’t wear. Here are a few of the tips I personally recommend to make this experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible!


I always make a cup of coffee and turn on a good podcast or show before I get started. I try to make chores like this more of an “experience.” Adding in some enjoyable elements usually keeps me from procrastinating it, and coffee always motivates me. I’ll also throw on a podcast or a show (I have a TV in my room). But, I try to keep it to something that can be background noise without requiring much attention. Also, I make sure I have several hours open to knock it all out at once, otherwise my room will be left a junk pile for days on end. 


I’ve found that thumbing through the clothing on hangers or in drawers never works. You can’t really get a good look at the item when it’s squished in between all the rest, so you’re more likely to just say, “eh, I’ll keep it.” 

What I like to do is pull everything out and pile it on my bed - moving in sections - and evaluate from there. I hold up each piece and ask myself a few questions:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Does it still fit my lifestyle and my current style?
  3. When was the last time I wore it?

Based on those answers, I’ll know what to do with it.


As I go through this process, I sort the clothes into three piles: keep, donate and try-on. The first two categories are self-explanatory. For the try-on pile, those are items I’m unsure of the fit or I just need to see it on to know if I like the style still. 


I do the above with every section of my closet, and even my drawers if I’m tackling that, too. So, there’s bound to be items that need to go into storage or that will get donated. I always make sure to have designated bins for those scenarios to keep things organized and tidy as I go. 


When I’m done, I hang up everything I’ve decided to keep, taking this opportunity to organize the sections neatly. And then, I step back and breathe a sigh of relief; my closet is always less overwhelming and a happier place to be after this!

Let me know if you plan to use any of these tips in your next closet clean-out session! 

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  • Colleen Colleen on Apr 07, 2021

    14 full tothe brim gone, so happy,Thank ypu Sent to womens shelter.I feel really good. Cjn

  • Tracy Tracy on Apr 10, 2021

    Don't forget to clean, repair and sort your shoes. I see so many cute looks ruined by scratched leather or even just dirty heels. Oh, and jewelery. I take my jewelry chests into the sun room, turn on some jazz and get down with some warm soapy water and polishing cloths. I love to give old out-of-style necklaces to little nieces and their friends--the five to eight year old set loves the sparkly stuff.