Blazers are back baby!

If you haven't already noticed celebrities are rocking the blazer heavy this season and now the trend has come back as "everyday wear". It's like in the 90's when we used to wear an oversized blazer!

Now great ways to wear it is with a basic tank top and some jeans. The blazer is often paired with biker shorts too. Some people are more daring and wear it with crop tops or mini dresses. For this outfit I'm going with simple jeans.

This is my hack for cropping your blazer without making any permanent changes to your clothes. Follow me on Instagram @roxanneolaru for other fashion hacks!

It looks great long! I wear it like this all the time. But sometimes I really want a crop look.

First take the blazer off

Turn it upside down

Wrap the blazer around your waist like this

Grab a thin belt and wrap it over the blazer like so

Now pick up the top portion of the blazer and put it on

Looks great!

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