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Taylor Pfeffer
by Taylor Pfeffer

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Sometimes we get in these routines where we wear out hair the same ways over and over because It's convenient, easy and all we know. Go ahead and save this post to add into the routine! It's a super easy hairstyle you can do that looks really different!

This hairstyle looks best the day after you wear double braids or sleep in them.

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First take your braids out and your hair will be in nice loose waves

Take a large portion of hair and sweep it to the other side and make a braid under where the hair was

Loosen up the little braid so it's not too tight

Do this to both sides so you have two small braids hidden under your wavy hair

Now cross the braids over your head and pin them to the other side

Secure them with bobbypins so the braids don't move

Here's a view from the top

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