Crowns & Tiaras From SWEETV

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Siri, play You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie Eilish. You all know how much I love a good headband. Whether it’s a simple headband or a statement one with all the bling, they add that little extra something to pull an outfit all together. I recently had the opportunity to meet and work with Miss England. Not long after that SWEETV reached out to ask about collaborating. After just seeing a beautiful (and beyond deserved) crown, it wasn’t an opportunity I was about to pass up. Besides, it’s just an elaborate headband anyway. (After all, Nicola Bathie did just release 2 flower crowns of her own, and they are stunning). Not to mention, if there’s ever a time to wear a crown, it’s definitely during the holiday season.

Crowns & Tiaras Selection from Sweetv

I started simple with a “crown” of stars. This type of crown I feel like has been very popular in recent years and I can see why. It makes a statement without wearing a full blown crown in public. I’ll definitely be styling this crown the most throughout the holiday season, and on New Years!


Now if I’m going to wear crowns, I need a classic tiara. What’s more classic than this Princess Diana inspired tiara? Princess Diana is the style icon. Periodt. PERIODT. She could do no wrong, and wear no wrong. I mean, biker shorts? I’d never wear them but she still looked like the princess she was.

(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

The last and most elaborate crown I selected was this gorgeous pearl encrusted one. It reminds me of Anastasia, and I’m a sucker for pearls. They’re a classic and elegant gemstone. While this crown may be a little over the top for some, I can’t wait to wear it throughout the holiday season.


Honest Review of SWEETV

Even though some posts are sponsored, I always like to give an honest review on brands. Especially when it comes to quality and price. I was honestly floored when I saw the prices on the crowns and tiaras available from SWEETV. But in the best way possible. Based on what I’d seen from influencers and their own social channels, I thought there was no way these things would be under $100. But they are!

Now you may be thinking, well if they’re so cheap, the quality must be terrible. And I can’t blame you if you are. I thought the same thing, it’s only human, right? That’s what society has taught us. For how affordable they are, the quality far exceeded my expectations. One rhinestone did pop out during shipping. But it was large and easily glued back on. And for 3 crowns only loosing ONE stone? I mean, come on. Who would have thought?

One of my biggest pet peeves of cheap metal, is that it has an odor to it. However, none of these crowns smell funky. In fact, they don’t smell at all. I will have to wait and see if/how quickly they may tarnish. But so far, there’s no weird green or blue color on the metal so I’m giving it two thumbs up.

  • Price: Ranges from $20-$50
  • Quality: Amazing, especially considering the price. What you see if what you get. These crowns are sparkly and sturdy. I would imagine with increased wear, you run the risk of another rhinestone popping out. But one or two is a small price to pay for these regal crowns.

Give the Gift Of Royalty

Now let’s be serious, am I going to wear a crown in public every day? Maybe not. But am I going to wear the heck out of these things during the holiday season? Absolutely. And why just let me have all the fun? My sisters would love a crown for Christmas. So I plan on doing just that, and giving them the royal treatment they deserve this holiday season. Oh and, did I mention? The packaging from SWEETV makes these crowns perfect for gifting.

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