Cute Hairstyle for Beanies

2 Materials
5 Minutes

If you’re a fan of the beanie this cold season, this tutorial is for you! Check out this easy to achieve, cute hairstyle for beanies.

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Tools and materials:

  • Beanie
  • Clear hair elastics
Making low pigtails

1. Make 2 low pigtails

Start with a slick, middle part.

Halve your hair in the back and make 2 equal low pigtails, securing each tightly with a clear hair elastic. 

Making low pigtails

2. Braid until about halfway

Starting with 1 of the pigtails, split it into 3 equal sections and braid until just above the halfway point.

Then secure this here with an elastic.

Braiding hair

3. Braid until about halfway

About 2” down, secure another hair elastic. Pull this section to each side to add volume, creating a bubble.

Braiding hair

4. Finish braid

Finish this side, going back to your 3-strand braid. Tie the end off with an elastic.

Braiding hair

5. Repeat 

Repeat the whole process, from braid to bubble to braid, on the other side.

It’s important to try to make the sections as even as possible so the hairstyle won’t look lopsided. 

Cute hairstyle for beanies

Top it off with your favorite beanie, pull out a strand or 2 of face-framing hair and this beanie braid hairstyle is complete:

Cute hairstyle for beanies

Cute hairstyle for beanies

If you love wearing beanies and you have medium length to long hair, try out this cute and easy hairstyle for beanies!

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Suggested materials:
  • Beanie
  • Clear hair elastics

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