4 Fun DIY Lipstick Hacks Using Crayons, Kool-Aid, Sugar & More!

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Who knew you could do much with a simple box of crayons? Put away your coloring book and check out this video to learn a great new use for your crayons.

Hold on though – you can also put away your pitcher because your favorite childhood drink is about to take on a whole new role in your life. Intrigued? Then follow me!

Tools and materials:

  • Crayons
  • Coconut oil
  • Kool-Aid powder
  • Vaseline
  • Small bowls
  • Cotton swabs
  • Plastic organizer
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Sugar
Breaking colored crayons into pieces

1. Colorful crayon lipstick

Break up some crayons into smaller pieces.

Adding coconut oil to shot glasses

Place small shot glasses into a pan of simmering water and put about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil into each glass.

Adding crayon pieces into the glasses

Let the coconut oil completely melt and then add a piece of crayon to each glass.

How to make crayon lipstick

Break some cotton swabs in half and use the stick ends of the broken swabs to mix until the crayons are melted.

Pouring the mixture into contact lens cases

Pour the colored mixture into small containers. Contact lens cases are perfect for this!

DIY crayon lipstick

Let the mixture thicken, and guess what? You’ve just made yourself a whole bunch of lipstick!

Mixing lipstick colors together

You can even mix some of your new lipstick colors together in a shallow glass dish to get even more new colors! 

Pouring Kool-Aid powder into a bowl

2. Kool-Aid lipstick

For this trick, you can actually put away your crayons and break out a packet of Kool-Aid instead! Sprinkle some Kool-Aid powder over about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl and mix. 

How to make Kool-Aid lipstick

Add more Kool-Aid powder until you have your desired shade of lipstick.

DIY lipstick with Kool-Aid

Transfer your new lipstick to a small container and apply it to your lips

Making a lipstick travel palette

3. Make a lipstick travel palette

If you want a selection of lipstick while you’re on the go or traveling, here’s a great way to make an easy lipstick palette using a small, sectioned container from your local dollar store.

First, decide which lipsticks you want to include in your palette. Make small labels to put on your container so you remember which is which.

Melting lipstick over a candle

Now cut a small piece of lipstick and hold it in a spoon over a tea-candle until it melts. 

DIY lipstick travel palette

Fill your palette with different shades of melted lipstick, close it up and throw it in your cosmetic bag.

Mixing vaseline with sugar

4. Make your own lip scrub

Put a fingertip full of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in the palm of your hand and add about a half-teaspoon of granulated sugar.

How to make a DIY lips scrub

Mix it together and apply it to your lips as a lip scrub. Then use your fingertip to rub it in and wipe it off. You’ll love how soft and smooth this makes your lips. 

Learn more about this and other vaseline hacks here.

Crayons for a DIY lipstick

DIY lipstick hacks tutorial

Now that you’ve made your own DIY lipstick, DIY lip scrub, and lipstick organizer, go ahead and pull out that coloring book again and relax! You look fantastic, your lips feel great, and you’re expressing your creativity – what else could you ask for?

Please leave a comment to let me know how you liked these lipstick tricks.

Suggested materials:
  • Crayons
  • Coconut oil
  • Kool-Aid powder
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