How To Shibori Tie Dye A Dress

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If you have any old white dresses (you can use any type of clothing.) that may have stains on them. Here is a great way bring new life to it. I love the art of Shibori. It is a Japanese method of dying which is over hundreds of years old. It’s done with indigo dye, but you can apply the same techniques with other dyes like RIT.

Step 1: Wash the dress (clothing)

Very important you wash the dress. The fabric needs to be clean. After that you will need to dry it completely.

Step 2: Fold dress

Supplies for folding dress.

  • Clothing or fabric
  • Small 4 by 4 wood squares
  • Rubber bands

The folding is important because you are creating the Shibori design. Fold it into an accordion, reversing fold different directions making the cool designs.

At each end add a piece of wood & wrap a rubber band around the whole square several times. It does not matter which way.

Step 3: Supplies for preparing the dye

  • Gallon of hot water
  • Wooden spoon
  • 1 Cup of salt
  • Large pail
  • Plastic gloves

Mix all the ingredients together in a large pail outside of course. Carefully add the dress that has been folded into a square into the hot mixture. Let stay in sit for one hour. Rinse with water until it's clear.

Step 4: Color control

You can control the color on how long you keep it in the dye. I kept the dress in the dye for one hour to create a lighter pattern and color. After its done you can let hanging outside to dry.

Step 5: Ironing dress

After it has dried, you can iron it on low heat. I'm really excited with the way it turned out.

Suggested materials:
  • Old dress   (home)
  • RIT Dye   (Walmart)
  • Tie DYE Kit   (Walmart)
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