Tie Dye Dress (DIY)

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It is time and true that there are so many designers that have come out with gorgeous designs.


Sometimes they aren't the most affordable.

I came across a Pinterest post that had the most adorable tie-dye tiered dress but YIKES was it expensive!

Since tie-dye is such a fun activity, I thought "WHY NOT"! I went out and purchased a dress similar on Amazon, and got some tie-dye that was similar colored!

Here are some links identical to what I purchase.

Dress- I grabbed the white color.

Tie-Dye - This has a bunch of colors! You can also combine to make specific colors as I did! (I combined orange and blue to get a burnt orange color!)

Rite Dye - This helps to keep the dye from fading!

Other- Gloves, old clothes (learn from my mistake ha!), bowl, boiling water.

Best tie dye kit!

Upgrade anything with this highly rated tie dye kit that Amazon reviewers swear by!

The first step is the fold or tie the dress/shirt to how you want the design to look. I particularly like the way the v design looks. But you can totally make this your own!


Yes, we love a good coral color. This is going to be the other half of the dress/shirt (whichever you choose to use).

This is the dye bath for the top of the dress. It is typically 1/2 bottle to 3 gallons. But I will be honest... I put half a bottle with 1 gallon, and it came out great!! Play with this, of course, and remember this is supposed to be fun!

It does recommend vinegar or dish soap to help set the color. So I eye-balled it and pour a little in there.

This is exactly how I dunked in each end of the dress, to keep the white inbetween!

This is the coral color result! Isn't it gorgeous!!! Remember colors appear darker when wet!

Repeat the same with these colors. I mixed orange with a little bit of blue to make it a "burnt" orange color. I also wanted to incorporate a similar color, like coral or light pink for a summer/fall transition vibes.

This is the product of these two colors. Now keep in mind the colors appear darker when wet. Once dried they tend to lighten up. Either way I am in love with this color!

Once dry, you can either get a spray bottle and spray the colors with the Fixate Dye. Or you can put the whole dress in a tub of water mixed with the fixate.

I was a little afraid that my colors would bleed into the white, so I took a spray bottle and sprayed the fixate, until it was saturated, then allow to dry.

This is when I final untied it to hang dry. This is also prior to me washing it. But aren't the colors amazing!! I am so excited about the turn out here!

This is the dry final!!!

What do you think??!! Didn't it turn out amazing!???

I love how dull the colors appear and the retro

Suggested materials:
  • Dress   (https://amzn.to/2UVcwaM)
  • Tie Dye Option   (https://amzn.to/36nSVSF)
  • Rite Dye   (https://amzn.to/2VqGLGm)

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