How to DIY a Mini Wrap Dress From Old Pants

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Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make a mini wrap dress out of a pair of pants.

I’ll give you the DIY wrap dress pattern and the simple instructions for how to make this cute and trendy dress.

This is a great project if you don’t know what to do with your oversized, never worn pants!

Tools and materials:

  • Oversized pants
  • Tank top (for template)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Oversized pants

1. Transform your pants

Here are the oversized pants that I’m going to transform into my new mini dress. The fabric has a bit of stretch in one direction.

Opening the waistband

Open the waistband of your pants with a seam ripper or scissors and remove the elastic from it.

Opening seams

Now, open the front and back center seams and both inside leg seams so you have two long pieces of fabric.

Tracing pattern for wrap dress

2. Trace your pattern

Lay one of the pieces of fabric flat and place the bodice of a tank top on it as shown above.

Tracing pattern for wrap dress

Trace out the tank top, adding a seam allowance and extending the outer edge as shown.

Tracing pattern for wrap dress

Now, fold and trace the tank top again, as shown above, and in the video at 2:45 to 3:07.

Cutting fabric

Extend the length of the bodice tracing to your desired mini-dress length, and then cut out the pattern.

Cutting fabric

Use the first piece to cut out an identical piece from the other piece of fabric.

Where to sew

3. Sew the mini dress

Fold over one piece as shown above and sew along the folded edge.

Repeat with the other piece.

Where to sew

Place both pieces together, right sides facing in, and sew the back, center seam close to the edge.

Progress shot

This is how it should look at this point.

Progress shot

When you flip it over you can begin to see the wrap dress taking shape!

Adding extra panel

Now, if you find you need more fabric, attach an extra panel to one side of the dress.

Adding extra panel

4. Finish the edges

Use a zigzag stitch to finish all raw edges of your mini wrap dress.

Finishing the edges

Now fold in the center and neck edges twice and sew to finish.

Making straps

5. Make straps

Cut 2 straps from leftover fabric, piecing together strips as needed to get the required length.

Making straps

Fold each strap in half, lengthwise, with right sides facing, and sew the open edge.

Making straps

Turn your straps right-side out.

Attaching straps

6. Attach the straps

Attach the straps to the front of your dress on the inside of the front neckline points and the corresponding position at the inside of the dress back.

Making the tie

7. Make the tie

Make another strap as you did in step 5 and attach it to the top of the front dress flap.

Making the tie

Then make and attach one more tie to the side seam of the wrap dress.

Adding a botton

8. Add a button

Add a buttonhole and button to the inside of the dress where the wrap meets at the top front.

Completed wrap mini dress

Mini wrap dress

Here is my completed wrap mini dress.

Completed wrap mini dress

The tie wraps right around the back and looks like a belt!

If you give this DIY mini wrap dress a try, leave a comment to let me know how it turned out!

Suggested materials:
  • Oversized pants
  • Tank top (for template)
  • Scissors
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