This Fun Thrift Flip Dress Went From Old Lace to DIY LBD

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by Nomad Moda
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Ain't nothing like a little black dress, right? It’s the most timeless fashion piece. Today, I'll share my thrift flip dress experience, turning a plain black Goodwill find into a sexy DIY LBD. This tutorial is super quick and requires absolutely no sewing!

I'll show you all that you need in order to upcycle a plain black dress into something new. So, grab an old black dress, and let’s do a magical DIY thrift flip!

Tools and materials:

  • Black lace dress
  • Pleather belt
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
How to upcycle a plain black dress

This is the thrift flip dress before I started the DIY process. The garment fit me ok, but the style is very formal, modest, and looks a little outdated.

Marking and cutting the skirt lining

1. Cut the lining

Put a mark where you'd like to shorten the skirt lining. Be sure to measure yourself and make sure it’s at the length that you want. You don't need to cut the main material (the lace), as we'll come to that later.

Detaching the sleeves

2. Modify the sleeves 

Using a seam ripper, detach the original sleeves from the dress. 

Sleeveless DIY lace dress

The dress already looks so much better and more modern now that it's sleeveless.

Pleather belt

3. Get the perfect accessory

So, I opted for a thick pleather waist belt that you can tie around the waist. This will give my waist more definition and give the thrift flip dress a more sophisticated vibe.

I also use the belt to tuck up the lace of the dress, so I don't have to shorten the bottom! This way, I can wear the skirt short or long, depending on the occasion.

DIY little black dress

Thift flip dress tutorial

There you have it! This is the perfect outfit on a fun night out or even an event, such as a wedding. See how easy it is to upcycle a dress and make it as good as new? I hope you took some quick inspiration from my DIY thrift flip tutorial.

Suggested materials:
  • Black lace dress
  • Pleather belt
  • Seam ripper
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