Make a Beautiful Cottagecore Dress From Scratch

8 Materials
4 Hours

This flowy and feminine cottagecore dress is the ultimate must-have for any closet. It’s flattering for any body type and just simply breathtaking. Make your own DIY cottagecore dress with minimal materials. I'm going to show you how to sew a cottagecore dress with this easy guide.

Let's get this fun tutorial started!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric of your choice- 2x the length of your dress and half a yard of fabric
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Elastic thread
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pocket pattern piece from this free pattern
  • Ruler
DIY cottagecore dress

Test the shirring rows 

It’s best to test your fabric, by sewing a few shirring rows. My test piece shrunk to half its original size. The fabric I used is a soft cotton linen blend, so I set my machine for a medium stitch length for the shirring. So, be sure to test drive this out with your machine before continuing. This is the guide for the bodice piece of the cottagecore dress. Be sure to cut out the exact same pieces and sew them accordingly. 


If you need extra shrinkage, use a longer stitch length. 

Make a cottagecore dress


Since this cottagecore dress doesn’t have a pattern, I suggest taking a measuring tape and measuring your bust, and dress length using extra hem and seam allowance. For the full breakdown, check the specifications above. 

How to make a cottagecore dress

Once you have these measurements in place, transfer them on your fabric and cut accordingly. 

Sew a cottagecore dress

Determine where the pockets will be 

I pinned my test piece to my dressmakers model to measure the marks to the waistline and pocket marks. First, measure from the neckline down to the waistline, and add ⅛ of an inch for the hem at the top edge. This will be your waistline mark. 

How to sew a cottagecore dress

The second will be to measure from your waistline to the top edge of where your pocket section will sit.This will be your pocket line. 

Easy cottagecore dress

Now, transfer your waistline and pocketline to the front and back sections, at the edges. 

Basic cottagecore dress

Add the pockets 

Now that your markings are out the way, it’s time to attach the pockets. Pin your pocket pieces right sides together to the dress, to the front and back sections at the pocket marks on all side edges. 

Simple cottagecore dress

Sew one pocket piece 

Sew the pockets and one side seam of the front to the back section together, right sides facing. Also, finish the top edge with a small hem. Turn it over twice and stitch in position. 

Make the shirring rows 

Mark the shirring rows to the front and back sections. I pressed the rows instead of using a fabric marker; the choice is yours. Measure down 1 inch from the neckline and mark this row. Next, measure down 2 inches on each of the next two rows and press. These lines will give you great guidelines for the next step. 

Shir the bodice 

Shir the bodice on each row, as shown. Use a stretchy thread for this.Once you've finished shirring the rows, you are now going to add another shirring row next to the original row, with a ¼ of an inch space between the rows; making them super close to one another.

Here’s the finished effect of the shirring. I love how it’s come together! 

Finish off the dress 

Now it’s time to stitch on the other pocket and, after that, stitch up the side seams. Then go ahead and hem the dress. Can you see how lovely it’s looking? 

Add elastic 

For extra support, add a ¼ of an inch elastic to the top shirred row. Stitch this on the inside, as shown. Also, add an elastic across the waistline on the back; this will ensure maximum support. 

Measure the elastic and cut accordingly. 

To ensure an even stretch, divide your top section and elastic into quarter marks and match these as you stitch the elastic to the wrong side of the dress. 

Stitch the elastic to the waistline and the back section between the side seams. 


Make sure you stitch to the center of the shirring rows at all times.

Finished cottagecore dress

Here’s your stunning dress. The shirring details are so intricate and just gorgeous; it’s really the attraction of this easy cottagecore dress. What color will you make your simple cottagecore dress in? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you now have the know-how and inspiration to make one for yourself! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Scissors
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