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Want to add this charming, flowy off-the-shoulder dress to your collection? You can easily sew an off-the-shoulder dress and make it your own! It’s delicate and gentle and the off-the-shoulder detail adds a touch of fun. In this tutorial, I am going to make a half-sized pattern as it will be easier to depict each step. Also, you can get the off-the-shoulder dress pattern here; this is the pattern that I will be using. I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to sew. Let’s start!

Tools and materials:

  • Daisy dress pattern- get it here
  • 2-3 yard ightweight fabric
  • 2 yards elastic
  • Matching thread
  • Weights
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Make an off-the-shoulder dress

Cut your pattern

To cut out the pattern, either use weights or outline the actual fabric with chalk. You can choose what’s best for you. Fold your fabric and lay your pattern on the fold. Cut your belt, ruffles, sleeves, and front and back pieces.

Sew an off-the-shoulder dress

Sew the front and back sides

Place your front and back sides together, pin the side seams, and sew.

How to make an off-the-shoulder dress

Sew the sleeves

Sew the side seams of the sleeves, and serge.

How to sew an off-the-shoulder dress

Sew the ruffles

Sew the ruffles by first placing them on, right sides together; creating one big loop.

Easy off-the-shoulder dress

Sew the belt

Sew the belt, right sides together. Start from the center to the end. Leave a 2-inch hold so that it can be turned inside out. Finish the rest of the belt after. Once the sewing part is complete, turn inside out, press the fabric and hand sew the 2-inch gap.

Casual off-the-shoulder dress

Serge and press all the seams

When all the sewing steps are complete, go ahead and serge all the seams. Next, press all the seams as well as the belt ( if you haven’t pressed the belt, yet).

Off-the-shoulder dress pattern

Assemble sleeves and bodice

Pin the side seams of the sleeve to the side seams of the bodice, making sure the edges are matching.

Sew and serge

Once pinned, sew and serge.

Gather the ruffles

Gather your ruffle

This for me is the fun part- making ruffles! Set your stitch setting to the widest option, and while sewing, push the fabric under the machine foot in increments. This is a way to create lovely gathers and folds.

Sew the ruffles to the bodice

Attach the ruffle

Mark the center back and center front of the bodice, including the center of the ruffle. Pin your ruffle right sides together at the side seams, center back, and center front.

Pin in between the ruffles

Evenly distribute the ruffle along the bodice, and pin between the key points.

Pull the thread

Should your ruffles need more rufflin’ up, simply pull at the thread until you create your desired look.

Sew pieces together

Now, sew the ruffle piece to the bodice, and serge.

Sew the hem all around

Sew your hem

On the ruffle, make a hem by folding ⅛ of an inch twice, towards the wrong side of the fabric. Then, sew all around.

Press the seams

Press the ruffle and armhole seams.

Take casing measurement

Add the belt

Mark half an inch of seam allowance at the top of the dress and press all around.

Fold and pin

Mark the width of your elastic. If your elastic is half an inch wide, mark one inch from the folded edge,pin in place, and press all around.

Sew the casing

Sew your folded casing, leaving an opening of about 2 inches. Remember to sew at the edge of the fold.

Sew another seam

Make one more seam, half an inch from the folded edge. Sew all around. This will create a gathered effect.

Add the elastic

Feed the elastic through with a safety pin.

Sew the ends

Overlap the ends of the elastic by half an inch and sew to secure the ends.

Stretch the elastic

Sew the opening closed and stretch the elastic to evenly distribute the gathers.

Secure your elastic

Secure your elastic at the side seam to avoid any twisting and turning.


To find a great length for your elastic, place it over your shoulders, wrap it around and add 1 inch for the seam allowance.

Add a sleeve casing

Add elastic to the sleeves

For the sleeves, the steps are almost the same as attaching the skirt elastic. The only difference is that there won’t be ruffles on the casing; in which case you will fold the hem as the exact same width as the elastic. For seam allowance, add ⅛ inch.

Sew the casing

Fold, sew, add a gap for the opening, and feed through the elastic. Finally, hand stitch the gap.

Elegant off-the-shoulder dress

Our beautiful, flowy, and charming Daisy, off-the-shoulder dress is complete. I am so chuffed with the result. There's a broad variety when it comes to styling this dress, you can wear it on a date by slipping on some heels. If you’ll be in a casual setting, then pairing these with sandals works great, as well. This dress gives you endless options. Go out and have fun!

Suggested materials:
  • Pattern   (
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Elastic
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