Cute and Easy Fall Nail Art Idea

by RoseDIY13
5 Materials
30 Minutes

It’s autumn and Halloween is on its way!

Follow this tutorial for an easy fall nail art idea that will also be perfect for any Halloween parties you may be attending.

Tools and materials:

  • Nude gel polish
  • Orange and black gel polish
  • Nail stripping tape
  • Clear top coat
  • UV lamp
Applying nude polish

1. Start with nude-shade polish

Begin by applying a coat of gel polish in a nude shade.


Cure under a UV lamp.

Applying stripping tape

2. Apply stripping tape

Cut a piece of stripping tape a bit longer than your nail, at its longest point.

Applying stripping tape

Lay the tape across the center-line of your nail, with the excess tape hanging off the end of your finger.

Applying stripping tape

Repeat on all of your nails.

Adding color

3. Add color

Apply a coat of orange gel paint on your nails, on one side of the stripping tape.

Adding color

Repeat on all your nails.

You can alternate which side of the tape you apply the orange polish to, and just do some of your nails if you wish.

Adding color

You can also change up the orange polish for black, on some of your nails.

Curing nails

Cure again, under a UV lamp.

Removing tape

Now, gently peel off the stripping tape.

Applying stripping tape

4. Get fancier stripes!

To get more color on your nails, now lay stripping tape on a diagonal, in a cross-crossed pattern on your already striped nail.

Progress shot

Fill in sections of the crisscross pattern.

Cure your nails, and then remove the tape.

Adding foil

5. Add foil

For extra glam, apply small bits of nail foil.

Applying top coat

6. Finish with top coat

Add a coat of clear top coat over your polished and foiled nails, and then cure.

Easy fall nail art idea

Easy fall nail art idea

Those are pretty dramatic autumn-themed nails! 

This will be great for Halloween, but you can also change up the colors for other seasons and holidays. 

Leave a comment to let me know if you tried this autumn nail art idea, or if you modified it for some other occasion.

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Suggested materials:
  • Nude gel polish
  • Orange and black gel polish
  • Nail stripping tape
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