Cute and Easy Brown Fall Nail Design Tutorial

by NailsXAri
11 Materials
1 Hour

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you some cute brown fall nail designs.

Whether you copy these brown fall nails exactly or mix and match, you’re sure to find a design you like to start the season off right. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Base coat
  • Peachy-nude gel color
  • Brown gel polishes
  • Blooming gel
  • Thin detail brush
  • Gold platinum polish
  • White polish
  • Gold flakes
  • Maple leaves
  • Nail bling
  • Top coat
Applying a base coat

1. Apply a base coat

Apply a thin layer of a gel base coat to all of the nails.

Applying peachy nude base coat

2. Apply a peachy nude base coat

Apply two layers of a peachy-nude color all over the nails, except for the ring fingernail.

Applying a gradient

3. Apply a gradient of French tips to each nail

For this look, we’ll be doing brown French tips with multiple shades of brown.

Use a long, thin brush to create a clean and sharp angle for the French tip.

If your polish looks streaky, you can apply a second layer over it. 

Progress shot

The goal for this set is to do a gradient effect, so the darkest brown should be applied to the thumb and the color should get lighter as we go down to the pinky.

I ended up mixing multiple shades to get the best color. 

Applying gel

4. Apply a blooming gel to the ring finger

The blooming gel is going to help spread out the white color we’re going to lay down on the nail.

Applying white gel

5. Apply a white gel to the nail

Apply a white gel color in a swirling pattern to the ring fingernail.

Adding gold

6. Apply a gold platinum polish to the nail

Apply the gold platinum gel polish to the nail in between the white swirls. 

Progress shot

Then, begin using it to mix the gold and white together.

Applying gold flakes

7. Apply gold flakes

Press gold flakes into the nail with your finger.

Applying maple leaves

8. Apply maple leaves to the nail

Before applying the leaves, bend them a little so they lay flat on the nail.

Otherwise, they will stick up a little because of the curve in the nail. 

Applying gel

9. Apply a thick layer of gel 

Go over the nail with a thick layer of a gel base coat. You want it to fully encapsulate the maple leaves.

If you have a builder gel, you can also use that, but any thick gel will work. You can do several layers of a base coat or even a thick top coat. 


10. Apply bling

Apply gems, rhinestones, or charms to the nails.

Brown fall nail design

Apply a top coat, cure, and you’re done!

Brown fall nail design 

Here are the finished brown fall nail designs! Let me know how you turned this set into your own in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Base coat
  • Peachy-nude gel color
  • Brown gel polishes
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