Easy St Patrick's Day Nails Tutorial

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Hey nail art enthusiasts! Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create these easy St. Patrick’s Day nails. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Acrylic nail set
  • Gel nail polish in assorted colors
  • Nail detail brushes
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Paper towel
  • Nail buffing block
  • Holographic nail glitter mix
  • Super gloss
Painting base

1. Paint an ombre base

For the sky backdrop, first, paint a medium blue at the top of your nails, covering about ⅔ of the nail.

Then, use a lighter blue shade on the last ⅓ of the nail.

Painting base

While the polish is still wet, use a clean, detail brush in a sweeping motion to blend the transition for the ombre effect.

Painting base

Here is the subtle look for the ombre sky backdrop:

Painting base

2. Sketch the rainbow shape

Here is a sketch to show you the shape of the design we will ultimately draw on the nails.

It starts with a ribbon shape for the rainbow, filled in with colors.

Rainbow shape

Line up your acrylic nails so that you can sketch on the rainbow design so that it flows from one nail to the next.

The design will only go on these 4 nails.

Blue nails

Using a mechanical pencil with extra lead sticking out, sketch on the ribbon shape. 

Sketching rainbow shape

3. Add colors to the rainbow

Referring to the sketch from above as a guide, start by mapping out where the pink polish should go.

Adding color

Once mapped out, you can take each nail to work on separately.

Adding color

Next, add in the other colors of the rainbow, one by one.

Adding color

Notice that the purple line goes all the way through, while the other colors get cut off as the rainbow twists and turns.

Adding color

4. Wipe and buff

Once the design is finished and the nails are dry, wipe them off with a paper towel and then smooth them out by buffing them. 

Wiping nails

Buffing nails

5. Outline

Next, use a white polish on a detail brush to outline the rainbow.

Outlined rainbow design

6. Add the basic shape for the pot of gold

At the wider end of the rainbow, on the 2 consecutive nails, paint on a pot of gold in a brown polish.

Adding pot of gold

It should be an oval shape, like this:

Adding pot of gold

7. Paint on clouds

Mix a clear base gel with a white polish.

Swipe on the basic shape of a cloud, then dab underneath that to give the appearance of a cloud that fades out.

Adding clouds

Add different shapes and sizes of clouds in the empty parts of the sky, as much as you like.

The idea is that some parts of the cloud will remain white while others will be more translucent.

Adding clouds

8. Finish the pot of gold

Dab on a shimmery brown polish on top of the brown pot.

Finishing pot of gold

Then, using a tiny detail brush, draw a lip at the top of the pot.

Finishing pot of gold

9. Add glitter

Add a clear, first base polish over the pot of gold and part of the rainbow.

Adding clear polish

Then, to create the look of gold shooting from the pot, apply the nail glitter using a clean detail brush while the clear polish is still wet.

Adding glitter

10. Outline the pot in black

Next, use a black polish to outline the pot of gold.

Outlining pot

11. Paint on a top coat

Finally, paint over all the nails with a clear, super gloss (rubber top coat).

The super gloss should be able to handle some texture on the glittered nails since it is so thick, but make sure that those nails are flat before curing them.

Adding top coat

Here is the final design for these festive nails:

Easy St Patrick's day nails

Easy St Patrick's day nails

If you loved these easy St. Patrick’s Day nails, let me know in the comments below.

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Bye for now!

Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic nail set
  • Gel nail polish in assorted colors
  • Nail detail brushes
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