Easy Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

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8 Materials
30 Minutes

Hi everyone. In this nail tutorial, we’re doing galaxy nail art. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Midnight blue nail polish 
  • Blue nail polish
  • Purple nail polish
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • White nail polish
  • Thin nail brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Top coat
Applying base coat

1. Apply midnight blue as a base coat

Apply two coats of midnight blue to your nails by dry brushing, so there’s barely any product on the brush and you can see it resisting. 

Applying nail polishes

2. Apply midnight blue, a lighter blue, and purple polish

Next apply a lighter blue, purple, and more midnight blue polish onto the wet, dry brushed base coat. 

Spreading polish

3. Pat and spread out the wet polish with isopropyl alcohol

Use isopropyl alcohol to pat the polish and spread out and disperse the nail polish to create an illusion of distant far-off space. Cure.

Spreading white nail polish

4. Spread out white nail polish with isopropyl alcohol

Apply white nail polish and repeat step 3, patting the polish with isopropyl alcohol. 


Spread it out enough so you don’t lose too much of what’s going on underneath.

Progress shot

This is what all of the nails are looking like so far. It looks a bit of a mess right now, but once it’s top-coated, it’ll all come together.

Adding white dots

5. Add white dots

These dots are going to be constellations and also galaxy stars.  

Creating stars

6. Add lines for the stars

To create the stars, use your brush to pull up and down, left and right.

Use only the product from the dot and release the pressure as you pull away to get a slight fade out. I added a few more dots and then cured.

Adding lines

7. Add lines for the constellations

Join up the constellations with lines. I’m just making up the constellations as I go.

Adding gold dots

8. Add honey gold dots

I’m taking a honey gold color and doing random dots with a dotting tool to complete the nail design.

Applying top coat

9. Apply a top coat and cure

Drawing parallel curved lines

10. Draw parallel curved lines on the nail

Here’s how I did the more detailed nails. I started by drawing these curved white lines to create a cosmic circle.

Adding dots

11. Dot the outer line

Add small white dots to the outer lines.

Adding lines

12. Add lines 

Add lines to the cosmic circles.

13. Add more details like stars, constellations, and planets

Adding detail

Add more dots and create more stars and constellations. I made up the details as I went.

Adding detail

I made one of the dots Saturn by adding a U on either side to make the ring.

Adding detail

I also made a little moon.

Adding detail

I didn’t want any of the cosmic circles to be the same, and I wanted them to be intentionally different so I added more lines.

Applying top coat

14. Add a top coat 

Apply a top coat and cure the detailed nails.

Galaxy nail art

Galaxy nail art 

Here are the finished acrylic galaxy nails! Let me know what you think about these galaxy nail designs down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Midnight blue nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • Purple nail polish
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