Bored of Neutrals? Try These 10 Unconventional & Colorful Fall Outfits

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

Often, we feel like we need to wear darker, gloomier colors in colder weather. I want to inspire you to add more color to your fall and winter wardrobe; especially on gloomier days, a pop of color makes me feel happy! So, here are 10 (and a half) unconventional and colorful fall outfits!

When I was in my 20s, I would stick mostly to neutral colors. I would stay away from loud colors because I wasn’t confident enough to wear them, and I felt that I wouldn’t be able to pull them off. Now I love them, so I want to inspire you to play around with color too.

Bright turquoise sweater for fall

1. Cozy bright sweater

This sweater is a bright turquoise color, and I am in love with it. I love it paired with some jeans and sneakers. It is a straightforward look, but it stands out compared to the neutral colors you always see in the fall. Of course, you could switch this out with any bold color.

Mixing shades and prints of green

2. Green florals

Green is my favorite color, so be prepared to see more green outfits in this lookbook. I paired this kelly green pair of pants with a floral green turtleneck.

I love playing around with different prints and colors, so again, you can always switch this out with a color that you prefer, but I feel like a giant cucumber, and I’m living for it right now.

Velvet chartreuse dress with ruching

3. Obnoxiously chartreuse

This dress is so obnoxious, but I love it. It’s like a chartreuse color. What is great about it is that you typically see a lot of velour and velvet fabrics in the fall and winter, but usually in black or dark reds or navy, so I love that this one is such a bright color.

Lovely in lavender

4. Purple people eater

Have you ever heard of the song ‘The Purple People Eater’? If not, don’t tell me because you’re going to make me feel ancient, but that’s the aesthetic I’m going for right now with this outfit!

I love lavender, so why not do an all-lavender look for the fall and winter? And this applies to any pastels - think baby blue, pale pink, pale yellow. I believe that it’s a fun way to wear monochrome in the fall without doing an all-neutral look.

Channeling Cher from Clueless

5. Clueless vibes

I’ve seen so many Clueless-inspired outfits. Think colorful plaids, like skirts and jackets, so this is my take on it.

I paired this pink and green blazer dress with a green sweater underneath. Don’t think that plaids have to be dark colors; you can mix and match with colorful plaids for the fall as well.

Cropped sweater with white jeans

6. Bold cropped sweater

I love pairing white pants or jeans with colorful tops for the fall; it looks very fun and fresh. So, I’m pairing this cropped green sweater with these adorable pearl details with some white jeans (yes, after Labor Day).

Color blocking outfit for fall

7. Colorful color block

And now onto color blocking. Is color blocking still in? I don’t know, and I don’t really care because I still love it.

I’m wearing this fun colored oversized sweater - it’s bright purple, burgundy, and pink with the same white jeans. It’s cozy and effortlessly chic, and again, it’s a fun way to add more pops of color to your fall wardrobe.

Navy blue top with a floral print skirt

8. Blues & reds

Now I know this one isn’t bright, but I feel that navy blue doesn’t get enough appreciation sometimes for fall and winter. I love pairing navy blue with reds, so I have this fun printed floral skirt, and I paired it with a simple navy blue top.

Chanel-inspired tweed top with jeans

9. Chanel-inspired tweed

For me, when I see tweed, I just think Chanel, so I feel that this is very Chanel-inspired, but on a budget (this is Zara, guys).

I put this blue and pink tweed top over a plain white turtleneck sweater, and I put it with a pair of light blue jeans. It is very casual but still looks very chic, and it’s another cute way to wear pastels in the fall.

Burgundy sweater and boots with leather skirt

10. Leather with a pop of color

This last outfit includes the color black, but I just wanted to show you guys a fun way to wear leather while adding some color. I love this oversized burgundy sweatshirt, and I paired it with some matching funky burgundy ankle boots. It’s cozy, but still looks fun.

Unconventional fall color combinations

I also love this colorful printed cardigan with the same outfit. This has more of a going-out vibe.

Fun fall outfit colors

I hope that I’ve inspired you not to let neutral tones dominate your fall and winter wardrobe. Color adds warmth and joy, and wearing it makes me feel so happy! Let me know what color combos you’re most excited to try this fall.

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