Stop Your Knee High Boots From Sliding Down

by Leilani.kyrie

Do you love wearing over the knee boots in the fall and winter? I do! The only thing I hate is that some brands and boots have trouble staying on my leg. Everything is going good then you take a couple steps and slowly the boot starts sliding down your leg. I hate when this happens! That’s why I love this style hack, it really works! Try this and don’t ever worry about your boot sliding down again.

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First measure a piece of elastic that can go around your thigh. Hot glue or sew it to be like a slip-on band around your thigh. Sew or hot glue a couple pieces of velcro onto the elastic band.

Then hot glue or sew some pieces of velcro on the inside of your boot.

Now when you put your boots on that elastic band will stretch with your leg and make sure your boots never slide again.

Are you trying this? Let me know how it works for you!

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