Flag Inspired Painted Pocket

3 Materials
30 Minutes

With summer on the way, why not make something to wear to those holiday barbeques!

I made an apron out of a thrifted men's dress shirt and decided to decorate it for July 4th.

However, you can use this same technique to decorate any apron with a pocket. Or you can use it to decorate the pocket of a t-shirt.

Here's how I did it.

I started by blocking off my pocket with painter's tape so the paint didn't run. Then I tucked a piece of cardboard into the pocket so the paint didn't bleed through to the back of the shirt.

Next, I mixed a bit of fabric medium to my acrylic craft paint. I used the colors red, white and blue.

Then I took a brush and painted on the pocket. My design was more flag inspired than true to form. You can use your colors to create the design you like.

I put a blue stripe at the top and then painted the majority of my shape red.

When the red and blue base was dry, I used a star stamp to add three white stars across the line where the two other colors met.

When I was done, I had a fun and festive apron.

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Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic Paint   (Craft Store)
  • Fabric Medium   (Craft Store)
  • Painter's Tape   (Craft Store)

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