How to Create Two Gorgeous Frozen Hairstyles for Halloween

Yulia Astrea
by Yulia Astrea
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10 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to be doing two Frozen hairstyles for those of you who are eager for a Frozen Halloween. Whether these styles are for you or your kids, anyone with medium to long hair can do them. You only need a few hair ties! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
Detangled hair

Anna Hairstyle Frozen 2

1. Detangle your hair

The first look we’re doing is Anna’s hairstyle from the second movie. To start, fully brush out your hair and make sure there are no knots or tangles since we’ll be doing a braid.

Sectioning hair

2. Section

Grab two little parts from the front to make our braid with. 

Tying off one section

Tie off one section to the side with a small hair elastic for later.


3. Braid the second section

With the second section, make a regular three-strand braid and braid it all the way down. Tie off the end for now. You can tie it a little loose since we’ll be coming back to it soon.

Two sections braided

4. Braid the first section

Do the exact same thing with the first section you tied off and braid it all the way down.

Braid around back of head

5. Decide how you want the braid to look

Once both sides are braided, figure out which braid you want to be on top. Just look at them and decide which looks nicer.

Also, consider the placement of where you want it on your head - do you want it further up or further down near the nape of your neck? I’m putting mine near the nape like Anna’s in the movie.

Pulling ends through opposite braid

6. Pull the ends through the opposite braid

Find a place inside the braid and pull the end that you’ve already tied off through the braid. Do this for both sides. Use a few bobby pins to keep it in place.

Finished Anna Frozen hairstyle

Here’s the finished Anna Frozen hairstyle!

Parting hair

Elsa Hairstyle Frozen 2 

Next, we’re doing Elsa’s look from the new movie which is just a wild and untamed French braid that’s half-done and half-undone. It’s pretty casual and much easier to do, especially if you have thicker hair or you have a lot of layers.

1. Part your hair

For this look, you want to start with a side part. Part on whatever side you like best; I usually part on my right side. You want to do more of a deep side part but only do it halfway so the braid in the back still looks even. 

Parting hair

Just pull it around halfway, hold it, and then part it in the back.

French braiding hair

2. French braid your hair

 Now, you want to do a French braid. Keep this braid kind of on the looser side, because that’s more Elsa’s style. To do this, take a small section of hair just in the front half and split it into three for the braid.

To French braid, you take a section and put it over the one in the middle, then you do the same on the other side. It’s key to make sure you always take the one that’s on the outside and put it in the middle and just alternate.

What makes a French braid different from a regular braid is that your sections are pretty small, so you can grab a new piece from your hair as you go so that it leaves the part in your hair. Use a mirror for this, so you know it looks okay in front and the back both.

Tied off braid

3. Tie off the braid

Once you reach the nape of your neck, tie off the braid with a ponytail holder and pull it tight. 

Loosening braid

4. Loosen the braid

Elsa usually does a bit more of a messy French braid, so pull out little pieces to loosen it up.

Flipping your ponytail

4. Flip your ponytail

An alternate version to this look is to flip the ponytail at the end of the braid underneath itself.

Tying hair off with clear elastic

Use a clear elastic band to tie it off instead of a colored one.

Finished Elsa Frozen hairstyle

Here’s the finished Elsa Frozen hairstyle!

Frozen hairstyles

Those are the two looks I wanted to show you guys. Let me know what you think about these in the comments and whether you plan on rocking them this Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins

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