Greasy Hair Hacks: How to Revive Oily Hair in Minutes

Irina Reina
by Irina Reina
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Today is already day 9 without washing my hair! I don’t usually wait this long, but I wanted to show you how my secret technique really works.

Revive your greasy hair in minutes with this greasy hair hack.

Best corn starch!

Whether for baking or this hair hack this is the corn starch that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Tools and materials:

  • Cornstarch (or alternative base powder)
  • Small container
  • Makeup brush
  • Tail comb
  • Leave-in conditioner (optional)
Slick bun

A slick bun isn’t always the best solution to greasy hair. It might not go with your outfit.

Slick bun

This is my hair on day 9 and you can tell it’s super oily:

Oily hair

I found out a while ago that dry shampoo has 2 main components: cornstarch and bhutan, a gas that helps spread the cornstarch evenly in the hair.

I couldn’t believe I was paying so much for a product that’s basically just cornstarch!

Tip 1: Buy some cornstarch

Stop buying pricey, dry shampoo and pick up some cornstarch from the grocery store instead.

I’m currently storing what’s left of mine in a small, cosmetic container.


Tip 2: Alternatives

You can use setting powder or potato starch but these alternatives might be more noticeable in your hair.

For darker hair, you can try adding in some cocoa powder to your base powder. 

Base powder

Here is the greasy hair hack routine: 

1. Transfer to a container

Pour your base powder into a small container. 

Transferring powder

2. Apply to the scalp with a makeup brush

For very greasy hair, use a makeup brush to help apply the powder evenly. Apply it down your part.

Allow it to sit before trying to remove any excess since the powder will work to absorb the extra oil.

Applying powder to scalp

Use a tail comb to reveal another section of your scalp and apply more powder.

Applying powder to hair

If your hair is greasy beyond the roots, pull the powder farther down the hair with the brush.

Applying powder to hair

Continue lifting sections of your hair and applying more powder as needed.

Applying powder to hair

Pay special attention to the front pieces that tend to be greasier. 

Applying powder to hair

As you go, pull your hair back and make sure the powder reaches everywhere you need it to.

Applying powder to hair

3. Check the ends

If you have excess oil toward the ends of your hair, put some powder in your fingers and run them through. 

Spreading powder

4. Spread the powder

Finally, shake your fingers through to make sure the powder is evenly spread.

Spreading powder

5. Nourish your ends

If your ends are super dry, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner, just at the ends. 

Spreading powder

Here are the end results:

Greasy hair hack

Greasy hair hack

If you’re in a pinch and can’t shower, try this greasy hair hack to revive even the oiliest scalp!

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Suggested materials:
  • Cornstarch (or alternative base powder)
  • Small container
  • Makeup brush
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