DIY Patch Studded Bag

5 Materials
5 Minutes

Want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t like dressing the same as everyone else? I’m going to show you a 5 minute DIY where you can learn how to design your own bag and create a one-and-only piece that is unique to you. The bag is very simple and quick to make but glamorous at the same time.

You can put the patches and studs on this bag in many ways, it is completely up to you, and you can experiment and play around, but I’m going to show you what I did.

Tools and materials:

  • Plain color bag
  • Patches
  • Studs
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
DIY studded bag

Arrange and glue on the patches

I went for two patches that are the mirror image of one another in order to create a symmetrical look. I placed them in the center of the bag, just above the opening. I also chose quite large patches as I really wanted them to stand out and be the main focus. Once you’ve decided where to place your patches, you can glue them on.

Easy studded bag

Arrange and glue on the studs

As I was going for a symmetrical look, I tried as best as possible to make sure that the studs were symmetrical. To put the studs on the bag, you simply need to place glue where you’d like them to be, then pick them up with your tweezers and put them on top of the glue. Once you’re done all of this, wait a few minutes to ensure that the glue has dried.

Basic studded bag

How easy was that? When you read that this DIY was easy, I bet you didn’t think that it would be that easy! I love the finished look, and I also love the fact that the bag is unique to me; I’m not going to see anyone else with a bag like this. Even if you want to do this DIY together with your friends, you can all choose different patches and display them and the studs differently so that you’ll still end up with a one-of-a-kind piece.

Suggested materials:
  • Plain bag
  • Patches
  • Studs
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  • Just J Stylin Life Just J Stylin Life on Jun 28, 2021

    WOW! This bag is beautiful! It gives me Gucci vibes, but way prettier. icon I would love to know where you got the bag and the supplies from! I was thinking maybe a Forever21 bag but not sure if it's quality enough. Also, what type of glue did you use?

    • The Color of Space The Color of Space on Jun 28, 2021

      Hi, Thank you very much dear! I am glad you like it! I will answer all the questions tomorrow on my YouTube channel so please leave this comment there so I tell you where I've got everything and what I've used to diy the bag!

      I am more often there then here.

      Thanks and have a lovely week! ⭐