Turn Any Scarf Into a Summer Bag

by Christina
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2 Minutes

Here, I’m going to show you how you can turn a large square scarf into a summer bag.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading to find out how to create this cool accessory for yourself.

Tools and materials:

  • Large square scarf
Placing items on scarf

1. Place items on scarf

Start by laying your scarf down flat and laying a few items in the middle of the scarf. 

Tying ends

2. Tie opposite ends together

Now take two opposite corners of the scarf and tie them together.

Pulling ends

Pull the ends tight to condense the scarf.

Tying ends

3. Tie ends on each side

Now tie the ends on each side together as shown.

DIY scarf bag

Your scarf bag is now ready to wear.

DIY scarf bag

Simply put one arm through each loop, and you have your chic yet functional accessory.

DIY scarf bag

This is such a cool transformation - if you never believed that a scarf could be tied to create a bag, now you know that it's possible. Try it out for yourself and leave a comment down below letting me know how you like it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Large square scarf

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