DIY Fabric Gift Bag

2 Materials
10 Minutes

Nothing says you appreciate someone more than a thoughtful handmade gift you put your heart into when you made it, especially if it’s adorable like this fabric gift bag.

You can sew this fabric gift bag in less than 10 minutes, but it will make the present you put inside a dozen times more precious to the person you’ll surprise with it

The process of making it isn’t just fast, but also fun and extremely straightforward. Here come the instructions on how to do it.

Cut the fabric

Decide whether you want a large, medium, or small bag.

For the large bag, cut a piece measuring 21 x 15 inches in size.

For the medium bag, cut a 17 x 13 inches big piece of fabric

The small size bag will require a 13 x 12 inches piece.

In case you want a snug bag for a gift you already have, measure the gift and add 3 inches to its width, as well as 7 inches to its length.

Sew the bag

Spread the fabric onto your workspace with its wrong side up. Draw a line parallel to one of the long edges, half an inch away from it. Fold that edge to the line and press.

Pull the folded edge four inches towards the opposite short edge of the fabric piece and press. Draw a line parallel to the new fold, 3/8 inch away from it.

Stitch the line you drew, with an additional parallel stitch above it to form the drawstring casing.

Fold the fabric in half so the short edges meet and the right side is in.

Sew the raw edges opposite to the fold, and the raw edges perpendicular to the fold. Don’t sew the casing shut!

Box the corners (optional)

Push the corner so it forms a triangle with the seam going across its middle. Stitch a perpendicular line across the seam an inch below the corner. Cut off everything above the line. Repeat with the other corner

Finish the bag

Turn the bag inside out.

Thread a ribbon or a drawstring through the casing.

Ta-da! The DIY fabric gift bag is finished

With this freshly attained knowledge on how to make your small gifts a hundred times better, you will now become the person who gives out the coolest presents among your friends. If you liked this project, check out our other tutorials because you may find a few more you’d love to give a go. Now go and surprise someone with a thoughtful gift in this fabric gift bag!

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Suggested materials:
  • Cotton fabric
  • Ribbon

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