DIY Japanese Knot Bag

7 Materials
30 Minutes

When I hear the word "Japanese“ in a sewing project, I know that I’m about to see something creative and practical. That goes for this bag as well!

A knot bag is a tote bag that has one long and one short handle. You run them through each other and nothing can get out from the bag! Plus, you can carry the bag on your wrist or elbow and not get as tired as you would with a regular one.

If you’re like me and you go grocery shopping often, then you must make this bag for yourself. It’s easy to make and it doesn’t take long to finish. Here’s a brief tutorial that will show you how to sew one.

Prepare the pattern- Download our free pattern, print it out in full size, and cut it out. Throw away the excess paper.Cut the fabricUse the pattern as a guide for cutting. You will need to cut out two mirror pieces from the main fabric, and two mirror pieces from the lining.If you need step by step illustrated tutorial (with video) , check the full japanese knot bag tutorial here

Start sewing the knot bagPlace the main fabric pieces on each other with their right sides in. Align the edges and secure the layers with pins or clips.Mark the beginning of the handles on the curved edge of the fabric. Sew around the curve, from one handle marking to the other. Also, sew along the top edges of both handles.Repeat the process with the lining fabric as well.

Join the lining and the main body. Make small cuts around the curved edge on both the main body and the fabric.Turn the lining inside-out and put it into the main fabric body.Align the edges and pin the lining to the body along the U-shaped edges between the handles. Sew the two together along the U-shape. Be careful not to sew the bag shut though! You can see the step by step photos of the japanese knot bag here small cuts along the stitch you just made.

Finish the knot bagTurn the bag inside out and topstitch the U-shaped curve. Don’t sew the bag shut!Fold the outer edges of the handles inward a bit and topstitch them.The bag is ready for action! You can always check the longer version of the article here if you’re having any doubts or questions. Enjoy shopping the Japanese way!

Video tutorial how to make the japanese knot bag. For more details + free downloadable pattern over at HelloSewing - Want more? Subscribe for our newsletter for more clever sewing tips and free sewing patterns

Suggested materials:
  • 2 pieces of coordinating cotton fabrics
  • Thread
  • Our free japanese bag free pattern   (
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